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Horror movies on Amazon Prime

Best horror movies on Amazon Prime 2023


Are you fascinated by spooky thrillers and scary horror films? Well, there are tons of options out there to scare the living daylights of you and we, at Airtel are here to help you pick the best horror films that you can watch from the comfort of your homes. After all, nothing hits better than an OTT app which lets you see horror movies without any disruptions or ad breaks.

Moreover, if you are looking for horror movies on Amazon Prime Video or just the best horror movies on Amazon Prime Video, then this list is totally apt for you.

The Medium

The Medium is a horror flick that you should definitely watch if you’re looking for the best horror movies on Amazon Prime Video. The movie is framed as a documentary, where a film crew visits a small Thai island. Shot in the Isan area of Northeast Thailand, there is enough natural beauty in this movie to get to your senses.

In the island, the crew cross paths with a shaman named Nim. Now, Nim soon realises that his nephew has come under the possession of some Goddess. They are initially quite overjoyed, but things are not thar rosy. Everyone soon understands that the spirit which has possessed is not what they actually thought it was.

Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Duration (Mins.): 2 hrs 11 mins

World War Z

The World War Z is a movie about the bond of family, and how an UN official goes out of his way to ensure the survival of the human civilisation. The story starts off with Brad Pitt playing the lead role of Gerry Lane. Gerry and his family are stuck in traffic in the middle of the road when they suddenly see everyone in chaos, sensing something has terribly gone wrong.

It is a movie depicting how a zombie apocalypse can throw our society into complete disarray. And follows Gerry as he tries to find out the cause behind the infection and possibly, a cure.

Director: Marc Forster

IMDB Rating: 7/10

Duration (Mins.): 1 hr 56 mins

Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime Video. In the movie, you are met with a group of very likable friends, who are off on a trip to the Appalachian Trails. During the trip, they are given a lot of warnings and cautions by the local people, which they talk off just as easily. However, this costs dearly to them. They soon realise the jungle is not all friendly to them. There exists in the mountains, a group of people who remain isolated from society. Furthermore, they have their own idealistic, but shocking way of life. And when these two groups cross each other, things don’t go well for the city folks.

Director: Joe Lynch, Mike P. Nelson, Valeri Milev

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10

Duration (Mins.): 1 hr 50 mins


Shot as a zoom video call, Host is certainly up there as one of the most unique horror movies on Amazon Prime. The story starts in the setting of lockdown 2020. You have a set of six friends, all of whom are on a zoom call, since they aren’t allowed to go out of the house. Now, the six of them have decided to get on a call and perform an online séance.

However, the séance doesn’t go that well, while some of them think that it won’t work so they start cracking jokes. However, the friends somehow end up welcoming a demonic entity into their houses through the séance. From there on, the movie descends into complete chaos. This is one movie that will take you on a ride, and there are multiple events that will scare you white. Yet, you will keep on watching it because of its gripping plot.

Director: Rob Savage

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Duration (Mins.): 1 hr 5 mins

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