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Postpaid plan benefits

How to get Airtel Secure from your Airtel postpaid plan? Read on!

Smartphones have now truly become the daily drivers of our lives, and life without them seems impossible. Be it our personal or our professional lives, the smartphone is always there to help us out. And now with the Airtel Secure postpaid plan benefits, you can also secure world class protection to your smartphone. Securing our smartphones is of extreme importance. Since they can be quite expensive, any physical damage will cost a lot when you send it for repairs.

Moreover, even if you have a phone case or a glass protection attached on your device, accidents can happen anytime. Therefore, in certain instances these protective measures may not protect your device. And so, your device ends up getting damaged anyway. In addition to the dangers that the physical world possesses, there are also a plethora of viruses and malwares. They can end up crippling the software of your device. They can also steal your smartphone data, bank account details and much more.

With so many dangers all around, it is time that you start taking advantage of the benefits offered by Airtel’s some of the best postpaid plans.

Introducing Airtel Secure

To ensure your mobile phone is always working smoothly, Airtel has brought forward the Airtel Secure plan. Rolled out as an additional feature of the multiple postpaid plan benefits from Airtel, it will help you to use your device all through the day worry free. Airtel Secure protects your smartphone from all kinds of threats, such as mobile damage protection as well as an antivirus. Therefore, you can browse the web at your convenience, all the time.

Get damage protection for your smartphone

Modern day smartphones are very susceptive to get damaged, as they have large screens that often do not fit in our hands. As a result, they can often fall and end up getting cracked screens, bent shaped, or some of the parts may stop working.

Airtel Secure takes care of the following factors of your smartphone:

  1. In case of any accidental or liquid damage, the mobile repair will cover up to 60% of your device’s value.
  2. An Airtel representative will pick up and deliver the device from your doorstep itself. You do not have to step out from your residence.
  3. You will also receive call assistance 24×7.

Cloud Storage

Users of Airtel Postpaid will also get to access an additional 2GB of cloud storage on their smartphones. This cloud storage can be used to backup multiple audio, video, and other important files. By backing up your data to the cloud is an extremely handy feature. It helps you to access your personal data even when you switch or lose your device. It can also save space on your smartphone storage.

Which is the best postpaid plan?

Airtel’s postpaid plans start from ₹399 and can go upwards till ₹1,499. Features such as monthly data rollover, 100 SMS per day, unlimited local and roaming calls are common across all these packs. However, if you wish to avail the benefits of Airtel Secure, then you must take your pick from the ₹499, ₹999 and the ₹1,499 plans. These plans also offer other additional benefits – such as yearlong free access to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xstream app and a lot more.

Get a postpaid recharge form Airtel today to enjoy incredible call quality, high speed internet, free access to multiple OTT apps, Airtel Secure and make your life easier.