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4 things to Consider While Choosing a Postpaid Plan

Operating in 18 countries in Asia and Africa, Airtel is a household name when it comes to network providers, and Airtel postpaid plans are quite popular with customers. It offers superior 4G wireless services for mobile users, along with DTH, high-speed DSL broadband, landline services, and IPTV. Airtel also pioneered the launch of the 4G network in India and is now 5G-ready.

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What Is the Difference Between Prepaid and Postpaid Services?

When it comes to buying a SIM card, Airtel offers two main types of services, prepaid or pay-as-you-go, and postpaid, also known as billing. The major difference between these services is the convenience factor. With prepaid plans, you pay first and use the services within the stipulated period, while for postpaid plans, be it in the form of flexibility in bill payments, priority customer service, or data with no daily limits on usage, you can use uninterrupted services and pay at the end of each billing cycle.

Why Choose Airtel Postpaid?

For its postpaid plans, Airtel offers packs, each with a range of benefits to choose from, for different prices, and you can pick the pack that resonates with you. You can take into consideration how much talk time, data, and SMS you need and pick the plan that suits you best. For any doubts and queries that you may have, Airtel’s customer care is at your service.

Data plans with Airtel Postpaid

The internet is perhaps the most important tool today. You can feel easily handicapped without it. Airtel provides great data plans with its postpaid connections. And the best part about it is that with every postpaid plan, you get a rollover facility that is up to 200 GB of your unused data rolls over to the next month.

To choose the best data plan for you, take into consideration your monthly data use. If you stream a lot of videos or use OTT apps on your mobile, think about getting a plan with a higher data limit. However, if your data use is minimal and you need it just for basic communication and social media, you may want to pick a plan with a lower data limit.

Here are the data plans that Airtel postpaid plans offers:

INR 399 40 GB 100 Unlimited Unlimited NA
INR 499 75 GB 100 Unlimited Unlimited NA
INR 999 100 GB 100 Unlimited Unlimited 3
INR 1199 150 GB 100 Unlimited Unlimited 3
INR 1499 200 GB 100 Unlimited Unlimited 4

Airtel Postpaid Plans and OTT Subscriptions

The number of OTT platforms on offer has only increased in the last few years. With entertainment available on-demand, you can be spoilt for choice. Airtel’s postpaid plans offer great deals on some premium OTT subscriptions, and you can easily get them all in one place. By simply purchasing a postpaid Airtel plan, you can gain hassle-free access to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and Airtel Xstream. Here are the OTT subscriptions on offer with Airtel postpaid plans:

INR 399 No No No
INR 499 Yes Yes No
INR 999 Yes Yes No
INR 1199 Yes Yes Yes
INR 1499 Yes Yes Yes

Customer Care – What’s It Like with Airtel

Airtel is dedicated to providing the best service to its customers and aims to solve all its customers’ queries, doubts, and other issues. You can also run a speed test online to get a fast diagnostic of network problems. Airtel provides Priority Service on Platinum plans that can push you to the front of the queue.

So, if you are a Platinum user, you can rest assured knowing that all your Airtel postpaid plan queries will be solved in a jiffy.

All About The Convenience with Family Plans

Multiple connections within the family mean multiple bills and recharge, which can become cumbersome. With the postpaid plans offered by Airtel, you can add family members to your plan. It not only makes it easy to pay your bills but also reduces your total bill amount without affecting the quality of the service.

Airtel Postpaid Plans and Network Coverage

Network coverage is a major concern for mobile users. With spotty coverage, there is no point in paying hefty prices for services. Airtel’s postpaid plans give you your money’s worth as well as come with a promise of seamless coverage.

Airtel has India’s Best Video Experience, Best Games Experience, and Best Voice App Experience’ according to Opensignal’s India Mobile Experience Report March 2021.

Being one of the top network providers in India, Airtel’s superior 4G wireless services are easily accessible from any part of the country. To strengthen its network, Airtel is continuously upgrading its coverage.

Port to Airtel from Any Network

Porting has become super easy, and you can easily do it online and offline without paying any activation fee.

Port Online

To switch to Airtel postpaid online:

1.) Visit https://www.airtel.in/myplan-infinity/
2.) Check out the plans and select the one you like best.
3.) Fill in your details so you can schedule delivery for your free SIM card and a pick-up for your KYC documents.
4.) To port your number, you will need to generate a porting code or UPC. To do this, simply send an SMS “PORT” to 1900. From the number 1901, you will receive your code, which will be valid for four days.
5.) An executive from Airtel will visit you.
6.) Keep copies and the originals of your KYC documents on hand. The list of valid documents is available on Airtel’s website.
7.) Along with the KYC documents, give the executive who visits you the UPC so they can register your request to port.
8.) Porting within the state takes about 48 hours, and it takes four days to port if you reside in a state other than where you have registered with the previous network provider.

Port Offline

To port to Airtel offline, you can visit your nearest Airtel store.

1.) Send an SMS stating “PORT” to 1900 to receive your UPC. You will get the UPC from the number 1901, and it will be valid for four days.
2.) Visit the nearest Airtel store to share the UPC along with your KYC documents and get your new SIM for free.
3.) Once registered, your number will be ported to Airtel in 48 hours.

If you wish to track the status of your porting request with Airtel, you can do so with the updated version of the Airtel Thanks app. You can easily download it from your app store and log in with your port-in number. Your port-in number is the mobile number that you are porting from a different service provider to Airtel.

If you’re looking for a broadband and DTH connection along with your Airtel postpaid plans, look no further than Airtel Black. With this plan, you get attractive prices for broadband and DTH services. And what’s more? You can combine all your Airtel accounts into one, making it a breeze to keep track of all your Airtel connections.

Airtel Postpaid:

Postpaid plans offered by Airtel are affordable and come with a lot benefits. If you join Airtel Black, you can customise your own plan, pick a service of your choice, combine any two of the Airtel services, and get 30 free days when you add a new fiber, DTH or Postpaid connection. So, reach out to us today!