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Cloud backup services

How to backup data and files in cloud storage?

Imagine you have an extra 1 TB hard drive with no data to store. You decide to partition it and give parts of its storage space to your friends and family. Now imagine, your friends and family can access their share of space on hard drive sitting at their home on a wifi connection. Now, we know you can’t access data from a hard drive using wifi. But, this example helps us to explain the concept of cloud space.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup services allow users like you to store their data for backup in the cyberspace instead of their devices like mobile or laptop. This data can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a good internet connection.

The data is stored on a server located at a data centre. These data centres are physically situated across the world. They store your data on different individual servers assigned to you by your cloud backup storage provider. Currently, Google has 21 data centres across the world, storing and managing your data. These data centres keep your data stored, secure, and accessible from any part of the world. Be it with your mobile data recharge or via Wi-Fi plans.

So basically, a cloud backup means that you can create a backup for your data (photos, videos, documents, etc.) in the cloud space located at the data centres.

The cloud is the future of storage

Did you know the Google workspace including Gmail, Google docs, etc., make use of cloud space and storage! Any mail received by you or any Google doc you have worked on is not saved on your device. It is saved on Google’s cloud backup storage or space.

With the amount of data, we gather every day from family photos to videos, work documents to social media content, we all need some extra storage space to keep our data secure for a long term. Thanks to increase in remote work and digitization of more workflows, almost everything is now paperless and needs to be stored on your device for accessibility. In such a case, cloud backup storage is a very good option.

Most of these cloud backup services charge monthly or annual fees for storing your data. There are many free options available too. But you need to opt for a trusted cloud backup services provider.

How to backup my data?

Simply download a cloud services app on your smartphone and proceed. Likewise, you can also visit a cloud services website. You can use platforms such as Google Cloud, Evernote, Microsoft and many more. Do note that cloud services can vary depending on your requirements.

For your day to day usage, simply downloading a trusted platform and uploading your files there will do the work. But it can get a bit more complex if you are looking to build a business with cloud tech. We suggest getting in touch with cloud providers for more clarity.