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Airtel Payments Bank

Why should you open an Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account

A payment app helps us in a lot of ways in our daily lives. It enables us to send money to our dear ones from remote locations, offers a quick and easy payment gateway that supports transactions everywhere and reduces our dependency on cash.

That’s why you should get the Airtel Thanks payment app. What makes using Airtel Thanks as your main digital wallet even sweeter is that you can access Airtel Payments Bank through the app.

What is meant by payments bank?

A payments bank performs all the activities that you would expect from a normal bank. However, the only difference lies in the fact that the payments bank is unable to extend credit or lend out loans to its customers.

It can offer services such as cashless mobile phone prepaid or postpaid recharges, FASTag recharges, instant fund transfer to others, debit card facilities, and much more.

With the entry of payments bank into the Indian economy, the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is eager to ensure even more Indians are financially included. This helps in taking the financial inclusivity of the country to the next level, where even people from remote villages can take the help of banking services.

Features of the Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account

Here are some of the unique features of the Airtel Payments bank that make it stand out from the competition:

  1. Airtel Payments Bank has now established more than 5 Lac banking points all across the country
  2. You can make cash deposits or perform withdrawals at any of these banking points.
  3. Opening an account at Airtel Payments is a very smooth and paperless process, and hardly takes a few minutes
  4. Making cashless transactions through these banking points is incredibly simple too
  5. Customers of Airtel Payments Bank – best payment app who are also salary account holders can get to enhance their banking experience by taking advantage of card-less cash withdrawals
  6. It even offers personal accident insurance to its customers, that provides insurance money up to ₹1 Lac, absolutely free of cost
  7. Airtel Payments Bank also does not have any minimum balance requirement. Therefore, how you handle your funds is completely up to you
  8. Once you become a customer for Airtel payments bank, you will get a virtual debit card from the bank itself
Why Airtel Payments Bank is better than the traditional banks

The Airtel Payments Bank aims to solve a wide range of traditional issues that have long kept much of the Indians out of the banking system. Here are some of the problems that it aims to fix:

  1. These accounts require a minimum opening account.
  2. Traditional banks often have long queues and can be extremely inefficient
  3. There is a lot of paperwork involved. Multiple verifications based documents are required before you can open a simple savings account
  4. Almost all the procedures in a usual bank are lengthy and can consume a lot of time
  5. Bank officials can also be difficult to deal with. With Airtel Payments Bank, your entire banking system is digitalised and requires minimal human interaction.
Make the most of your Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account with Airtel Thanks

You can visit the nearest banking point to access your Airtel Payments Bank Account and its associated services. Otherwise you can simply download the Airtel Thanks payment app on your smartphone.

To put it simply, Airtel Thanks is the payment app that makes accessing all these facilities easier for you. Airtel Thanks helps you to make instant mobile phone recharges for yourself and your family. You can also make DTH/broadband payments, pay utility bills, and a lot more.

Download the Airtel Thanks payment app and open your Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account today!