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Fastag Scanner & how it works

FASTag Scanner: What is it and How it Works?

The implementation of FASTag on Indian Highways has been a huge success. It has completely changed the way people travel on highways, simply because of a streamlined troll collection process. But do you know how does the FASTag scanner really work? 

In this blog, we will help you decode the mysteries that lie behind a FASTag scanner so that you can also understand how the toll collection process works the next time you are on a highway. 

What is a FASTag Scanner?

A FASTag scanner is a sophisticated device used at toll plazas to automatically detect the FASTag on a vehicle, which is linked to a prepaid account. When a vehicle passes through a toll, the scanner reads the FASTag and deducts the toll charge directly from the linked account, facilitating a seamless travel experience without the need for cash transactions.

Types of FASTag Scanners

There are several types of FASTag scanners employed to ensure efficiency and accuracy in toll collection:

FASTag RFID Scanner

The most commonly used type of FASTag scanner is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanner. It utilizes radio waves to read the FASTag tags affixed on the windshields of vehicles. These tags contain electronically stored information, which the scanner retrieves without requiring direct contact.

FASTag QR Code Scanner

Some systems incorporate a QR code-based scanning system. In this setup, each FASTag has a unique QR code that the scanner reads. Although not as prevalent as RFID technology, QR code scanners serve as a useful backup and are sometimes used for auditing and verification purposes.

FASTag Scanner Online

The integration of online systems with FASTag scanning technology allows for real-time data management and transaction processing. Online FASTag scanners are connected to centralized systems that monitor transactions, update account balances, and provide detailed reports for both users and operators.

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Fastag Scanner & how it works 2

How Does a FASTag Scanner Work?

The functioning of a FASTag scanner involves several steps, designed to ensure accuracy and speed at toll booths. Here’s how these devices generally work:

  1. Vehicle Detection: As a vehicle approaches a toll booth, sensors detect its presence and activate the scanner system.
  2. Tag Reading: The scanner sends out radio waves that communicate with the RFID tag on the vehicle. Once the tag is detected, it responds with the data stored on the chip, including the vehicle’s registration and account details.
  3. Transaction Processing: The scanner system verifies the tag data with the central system to ensure the account has sufficient funds. The toll amount is automatically deducted from the linked account.
  4. Confirmation and Passage: Once the transaction is confirmed, the toll gate opens, allowing the vehicle to pass through. The entire process typically takes a few seconds, significantly reducing wait times and congestion.

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Benefits of Using FASTag Scanners

The deployment of FASTag scanners offers several benefits:

  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: By automating toll payments, these scanners minimize the queue length at toll booths.
  • Environmental Benefits: With less idling time at toll booths, vehicles contribute less to air pollution.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Drivers enjoy a hassle-free travel experience without the need to stop and pay cash.
  • Transparency and Security: Digital transactions reduce the risk of theft and fraud, and provide a clear, traceable record of toll payments.

Therefore, FASTag scanners represent a significant leap forward in managing vehicular movement on toll roads. By making use of technology such as RFID and with the help of internet, these systems not only streamline toll transactions but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient road transport system. Little by little, FASTag has played a huge role in ensuring India’s toll booths on highways are decongested from relentless traffic.

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