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How to reduce gas bill?

Quick tips on how to reduce monthly gas bills

We all need a gas connection in our homes. Without it, cooking food would be impossible. As important as it is, you are probably aware that cooking gas doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, there can be instances where you feel that you’re having to pay, way too much than you should.

In addition, prices of all commodities have also been increasing steadily. Cooking gas prices aren’t left out of this surge in prices either. Hence, it is easy to feel that cooking gas prices are eating into your monthly savings. In such a scenario, you need to find out effective ways on how to reduce your gas bill.

Here are a couple of tips that could help you find effective ways to reduce gas bill.

Avoid using outdated equipment

Having old cooking gas equipment can be a major reason why your cooking gas is being used more than ever. It affects the efficiency of the cooking gas since more gas is needed to cook the same amount of food.

Moreover, ageing equipment could also mean that there may be a hazardous situation that is waiting to unfold. It is best advised that you upgrade to newer equipment if you feel your existing one is quite old.

Ensure there are no leakages

The leakages in your cooking gas setup can also be extremely dangerous. Leaks will mean that your cooking gas gets wasted a lot. Cooking gas cylinders can also have leaks at times. Therefore, ideally, you should always remember to check the cylinders before accepting their delivery.

Use dry utensils

Using dry utensils before you cook can also go a long way in saving your cooking gas bills. By putting wet pots and other cookware on the stove, you’ll be using the cooking gas to dry off the utensils. Instead, you can dry them off with a small piece of cloth and then proceed with your cooking.

Stop overcooking your food and reduce gas bill

Thinking about how to save gas bill at home while overcooking your food? Stop! Overcooking your food is one of the most common ways in which people end up wasting their cooking gas. You should always be well aware of how much you need to heat your food and stop at the right moment. Overcooking can also end up killing the beneficial nutrients in your food. Maintaining a steady balance is the key here.

Do not waste food

How much you eat and how much of it gets wasted can also affect your cooking gas bill. If you are cooking large portions regularly, and only eat a small portion and throw away the rest, then it is getting wasted. Food wastage is a major problem across the world. By avoiding this, you save cooking gas bills, spend less on food, and reduce wastage as well. Only cook the necessary portions that you need. In addition, if anything is excess, store it in the fridge, so that it can be used later.

Try out pressure cookers

Pressure cooker can be an incredible utensil when it comes to helping you to save on cooking gas bills. Cooker uses pressurized steam to cook your food. Therefore, it ends up cooking your food with way less energy than any other normal utensil. Use a pressure cooker for your food whenever you can, and you’ll see the gas bills come down soon enough.

A single meal for all to reduce gas bill

Making different meals and multiple dishes for each member of your family is cumbersome. On top of that, it will also mean you are using a lot of cooking gas than what you would if you made a single meal for all.

Check your monthly gas bills

Checking your monthly cooking gas bills can also help you understand how much you’re paying. By planning effectively, you can manage to reduce the consumption of cooking gas.

It also helps if you have payment app that enables you to manage your cooking gas finances. Thankfully, the Airtel Thanks payment app can help you with this, and a lot more.

Why choose Airtel Thanks?

Airtel understands that cooking gas is a utility and paying for it is important for all. However, cooking gas payments can often be cumbersome. The Airtel Thanks app helps to make cooking gas bill payments easier than before.

Here how’s you can use the app to pay your gas bill and check previous bills:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app and register with your number.
  • Head over to the ‘Pay’ section of the app.
  • First, link your UPI or bank account/credit/debit card to make online payments using the app.
  • Now scroll down and check ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ header.
  • If you use LPG gas cylinders, you can book a new cylinder right from the app.
  • Just choose your operator, enter relevant details and proceed.
  • In case, you pay for piped gas every month, tap on ‘Piped gas’ under utilities. Select your provider, enter your customer no and proceed. You can pay the bill now.
  • If you want to check previous bills and transactions, scroll further down in the ‘Pay’ section. Tap on ‘transaction history’> Utilities and other. You will find your previous bills here. You will have to enter your mPIN before accessing this feature,

However, it is not the only utility bill that you can pay here. It also allows you to pay your electricity charges, water bills and others.

You can also use the app to make recharges for other people, send cashless payments instantly and a lot more. Download Airtel Thanks on your smartphone and see the magic unfold.