When Data Dams Are Breached

When news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, it tanked Facebook stock and revealed how stolen data can reshape socio-political discourse. For companies, data leaks can prove disastrous to their bottom lines. More worryingly, customers tend to lose trust in these brands which wrecks an organization’s brand equity and reputation, elements that are far harder to rebuild.

Data Loss Prevention
Strengthening Networks in a Zero-Perimeter World

Airtel’s three-part data protection solution is designed to combat data breach risks on all fronts – the internet, email, instant messaging applications, and social media. Data loss prevention (DLP) is ensured through advanced leak detection capabilities which monitor the movement and protection of classified corporate data around-the-clock. Data classification aids the creation of leak-proof data security strategies and bolsters governance systems. It streamlines protection across the data lifecycle whether in use, at rest, or in motion. Finger-printing systems also improve user discovery and management on the enterprise network.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) as the rearguard fortifies authorized access to enterprise networks. It increases productivity through Privileged Session Management, reduces excessive privilege delegation, and eliminates credential sharing.

Why Airtel ?


Owners of the largest SOC-NOC in the APAC region built to accommodate growing regional security demands


Longstanding and wide-ranging experience in the telecommunications domain with zero tolerance to security threats


Strict adherence to regulations and policy


A strong vendor partner ecosystem strategic partnerships with leading global OEMs


Globally recognized by leading security organizations


Uninterrupted service delivery and airtight SLA-backed solutions