How does this help me find slots more efficiently?

This product lets you search for available slots based on your district or nearby ones, and then filter the results by age & vaccine preferences. It prioritizes centers with highest available slots, saving you the need to go through list of booked centers.

Can I book my vaccination slot using this tool as well?

No. Booking is only possible on . Once you find slots available, you can click on “Book On CoWIN” and we will seamlessly redirect you to the CoWIN website where you will have to register for the vaccine if not already registered. Find the center with available vaccines through district search there and book the appointment.

I saw available slots on the tool but when I went to book on CoWIN, it showed slots were unavailable.

We rely on the CoWIN APIs to get data on the vaccination centers and available slots, so our accuracy is based on theirs.

Once you see the available slots, there is a time between your movement to the CoWIN portal. As slots are filling in very quickly, the time taken to reach CoWIN makes it possible for available slots to fill up.

Can Airtel recommend what vaccine to get and from where?

No, we don’t have the expertise to recommend type of vaccine and the tool only helps you find centers with available slots for vaccination as per your needs. Choice of centers is based on your convenience of traveling and availability of vaccines at the center.