What is Auto-Pay?

  • Auto-pay schedules automatic payments via chosen credit/debit cards so that you don’t miss out on recharges.
  • All you need to do is enable the auto-pay mode & your recharge will be done automatically!


Never miss a recharge date, your number will be recharged automatically 3 days prior to your pack expiry

No need to fill recharge & payment details every time

You can add multiple numbers. You can recharge for self or others’ numbers

You can change pack details, payment methods selected for AutoPay at any point

Setting up Autopay is FREE. A refundable amount of Re1 will be charged as a token amount for enabling this.

How to activate?

You can activate Auto-Pay in 3 easy steps:


Go to payment settings and select enable


Confirm your prepaid pack


Confirm your payment details and you are done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions: