Frequently Asked Questions – Madbury 2021

What is the ‘Cadbury Madbury’ competition?

We’re opening our doors and inviting the nation to ‘Go madbury for Cadbury’, offering everyone in India the chance to create and name their own Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. With over 7500 possible combinations of ingredients to choose from, you can submit up to two of your favorite flavors for the chance to be one of five finalists. Two of the five will go on to become winners and the winning bar will become the latest and most exciting addition to the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk range as a limited-edition bar.

Can I enter more than once?

Of course! If you’ve got more than one dream creation in mind, just enter again.

How many ingredients can I choose to add to my bar?

You can pick up to two tasty ingredients from the list to add to your Cadbury Dairy Milk Invention!

What are the dates of the competition?

You can participate in Madbury competition from 15th September and will run for 6 weeks.

How will the entries be judged?

Each bar will be judged based on two very important elements: Taste and Creativity. All entries will first be looked at by an independent judge, and then narrowed down where the next round of potential inventors will be reviewed by a separate panel of experts (including at least one independent judge).

Five lucky finalists will be selected, and will be notified before Feb 2022. Two winners will be selected from among the 5 finalists through public voting which will be conducted for a duration of 2 weeks.

What’s the prize?

The five lucky finalists will have their bars put up for public voting for a duration of two weeks and the top 2 would be launched in the latter half of 2022 and will be available to purchase for a period of 3 months across markets in India. The winning Cadbury inventor will receive a year’s supply of their delicious creation - that's a sharing bar a week!

It won’t let me enter the name I want!

There are a few restrictions so we can make sure the bars feel at home as part of the Cadbury Dairy Milk family. This means nothing (in the reasonable opinion of the Promoter) which is offensive, rude, politically motivated, or combinations of names that already exist in the Cadbury range.

What if more than one person enters the same bar?

As we’ll be judging entries on both taste AND creativity, the name of the bar and the inspiration behind it will be considered alongside the choice of ingredients.

What if a finalist creation cannot be created with the exact submitted ingredients?

The Promoter will aim to, as far as possible, create the bar for finalists as per their entry, however it may not be possible for all of the above ingredients to be used or used in combination with each other. 

The Promoter will work with the finalists and the winner to create the bar as close as possible to their entry, this may not always be possible and ultimately, the Promoter will have the final say as to the bar which is created and the ingredients within it

Will the winner have to give up all rights to the bar?

Yes – as the winner will be an official Cadbury Inventor. Cadbury will own the rights to every creation entered as part of this promotion – we’ve outlined it in the T&Cs.

I have questions regarding the Madbury winner selection process!

Madbury Winner selection process will be dealt entirely by MDLZ team only. Please reach out to MDLZ team at

How can I win Scratch card coupons and additional prizes?

You will win a scratch card every time you successfully submit a Madbury creation. These scratch card coupons contain exclusive codes which you can use to redeem offers on multiple brands across different categories. The list of these offers can be accessed at This list may be updated with addition/ deletion of brands and modification in offers from the partner brands.

I won the scratch card coupon last time I submitted my Madbury creation. Where can I access it?

hey! Congrats on winning a scratch card coupon. You can access your scratch card coupon here:

How and when would I know if I have won any additional prizes other than scratch card coupons?

Don’t worry, we have your back! If you have won, you will be contacted via phone/email submitted along with your Madbury creation. We will deliver your prizes to you once the contest is over.

My Coupon Code is not working!
Can I participate in Madbury 2021 through any channel other than Airtel Thanks application?

Sure, you can browse the list of channels and applicable prizes by logging onto