In today's digital world, businesses need seamless and reliable connectivity to communicate and transact across different regions. Internet has become the backbone for this communication; Be it connecting with customers and partners or connecting the workforce across the globe or accessing applications hosted at different locations. To effectively provide and manage these internet services across a global enterprise can be a daunting task.

With Airtel’s Global IP Transit Services, global businesses are empowered to provide high quality internet services in a cost-effective manner across multiple locations. As a Tier 1 ISP in India, and one of the largest IP gateways in the country via Asia and Europe, Airtel helps you transform your business, enhancing service delivery and improving customer satisfaction for digital success.

Key Offering


IP Transit

Global IP backbone with diversified subsea portfolio, offering high speed and low latency internet transit services


India DIA

Tier 1 network operator in India with one of the largest terrestrial fiber network


Global DIA

Unmatched Network Reach for all internet requirements across the globe


Content Distribution

Best-in-class internet connectivity for content delivery on virtually any device with access to millions of eyeballs


DDoS and Blackhole Filtering

Mitigating business risk with Security threat management solution

Airtel Advantage


Multi-terabit single AS-based IP backbone, carrying 7 tbps+ of internet traffic worldwide


Unmatched network reach with 2,50,000 route Kms fiber deployment and 1500+ fiber point of presence in India


Resilient and self-healing Global IP backbone with multiple submarine and terrestrial cable deployment


Supporting majority of the internet traffic in SAARC region and established India as an IP hub


Successfully running 20000+ Internet Links, offering fully protected internet delivery till customer premises


Proven global Internet infrastructure with 800+ satisfied AS customers across the world

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Airtel Global IP Transit Services

Delivering a Reliable, Congestion - free networking IP environment for digital success

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