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Apple to Launch new iPad Pro Soon

Apple was the first company in the world to come out with the tablet, and ever since Steve Jobs introduced it to the world, there has been no looking back, literally. As the years have passed by, the iPad remains a huge favourite among tablets and has often been the very best when put against competition, much like the iPhone series. 

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Now, the iPad range is pretty populated with different options for users. You can take your pick from the regular iPad, the iPad Mini, the iPad Air or the iPad Pro and you can be sure that you will be getting the absolute value for your money. But what sets one tablet apart from the rest is the Apple iPad Pro, which has all the top specs that you could want. 

The good news is that there is a brand-new iPad Pro that will be released very soon. The details of this new device are not concrete yet, and since last year, Apple did not inform the world about any iPad launches and the fact that an iPad is released every 18 months, you can expect the new iPad Pro to be launched in the next few months.

A larger iPad Pro could be releasing very soon!

Apple hosts a Spring-themed event every year, and that event is probably going to happen very soon. Therefore, everything points to the fact that the new iPads are just on the horizon. And in the newest iPad Pro, you might just see the biggest design-based change in an iPad over the last few years!

Rumours suggest a slimmer iPad Pro with OLED display on the horizon

Reports indicate a significant thin-down for the upcoming iPad Pro, thanks to a potential switch to OLED technology. This could make it one of Apple’s thinnest devices ever.

Increased screen size on new iPad Pro

Industry insider Ross Young suggests a slight screen size increase for the 11-inch model (to 11.1 inches), while the rumoured 13-inch upgrade for the 12.9-inch model seems unlikely. Separate reports also hint that Apple has been in contact with suppliers such as Samsung and LG for the displays of the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad models, respectively.

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An Apple event for all the new devices?

Apple’s rumoured spring event in April 2024 unveil a variety of new products, including the slimmer iPad Pro, new M3-powered MacBook Air and Mac mini, potentially refreshed iPad Air, iPad mini, and 11th generation iPad models. Additionally, the M3 Ultra chip for Mac Studio and Mac Pro, along with a new iPhone colour variant, might also be showcased.

Better chipset on the new iPad Pro

Apple is likely to equip the upcoming 2024 iPad Pro with the next-generation M3 chip, building upon the performance gains of the current M2 models. While an even more powerful M3 Pro variant seems unlikely – Apple typically reserves “Pro” chips for their higher-end Macs – the M2 in iPad Pros already delivers ample power. Storage options are expected to remain similar to the current offerings, ranging from 128GB to 2TB. However, there’s a possibility Apple might adjust the base storage capacity to a higher option, such as 256GB or 512GB, in the new models.

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New keyboard with the iPad Pro

Apple’s rumoured update to the iPad Pro line-up might be accompanied by a redesigned Magic Keyboard. This new keyboard is expected to boast a larger trackpad for improved navigation and an aluminium construction. The aluminium finish is said to create a more seamless look and feel when the iPad Pro is docked, further blurring the lines between tablet and laptop.

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