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WhatsApp for iOS Gets New Reaction and Effects Feature

Being one of the premium smartphones in the world, using the iPhone over Android devices has some unique benefits and advantages. iPhone users can enjoy better safety and security compared to Android users, along with some innovative features that are generally not present even on high-end Android phones. 

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One such unique and fascinating feature is iOS Reaction which is now available on WhatsApp! If you are an iPhone user who is looking for some cool and unique features to use on WhatsApp, then you have landed at the right place. 


But, before delving deeper into new WhatsApp iOS features, let us first understand what WhatsApp for iOS is. 

What is WhatsApp for iOS?


WhatsApp is a renowned messaging platform that allows users to connect with other users across the globe. For decades, WhatsApp has made connecting with users extremely simple and convenient. With its innovative features, people can now use WhatsApp beyond sharing text messages such as video calls, voice messages, and so much more! 


WhatsApp for iOS is a free messaging tool that allows iOS users to operate the application and enjoy some unique features. The WhatsApp iOS features are exclusively available for iPhone users. To ensure you never run out of internet and stay connected to the fastest 4G and 5G network, switch to Airtel prepaid plans today! 


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What is the New Reaction feature for iOS WhatsApp users? 


The new iOS 17 software update allows iPhone users to send 3D animation, background effects, and video reactions during a video call. And the best part is that iPhone users can use the new video reaction feature during their video calls on Facetime, WhatsApp, and other video calling applications. This means, the new iOS 17 reaction feature can be used on any supportive third-party application. 


Along with the video calling reaction feature, the iOS 17 also comes with a variety of new features such as voice mail, name drop, Journal app, updated keyboard, stickers, and so much more! 


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New Features on WhatsApp


Here are some amazing new WhatsApp features that you must try to upgrade your networking experience: 

  • Quick, Greeting, and Away Message 


Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot to reply to friends, office colleagues, or your customers? If yes, this new automatic message feature has got your back. All you have to do is go to your WhatsApp settings and enable this feature. WhatsApp will automatically respond to users on your behalf when you are unable to respond to WhatsApp messages due to various reasons. 

  • Video Message 


This new feature allows you to send video messages to your contacts with just one click. This way you can send live video messages without worrying about quality degradation issues and make texting fun. However, this feature is not applicable to sending recorded videos. But, you can forward the video message to more than one user on WhatsApp. 

  • Business Profiles 


Gone are the days when WhatsApp was only limited to personal use and texting. Now, WhatsApp allows businesses to reach out to their customers on WhatsApp, share vital details about their business, and more. As a small business, this can be the most cost-effective way of expanding your business and reaching customers across the globe. Ensure to carefully fill out the correct details of your business when creating a business profile. This approach will help you avoid potential mistakes and confusion. 

  • Catalogues and Collections 


Catalogues and collections are some of the most interesting features introduced by WhatsApp. Businesses can now share catalogues of their services and collections of pictures that give customers more insight into their organisation and increase the credibility of the services at the same time. 


Hopefully, this article helped you learn more about the distinct features of iOS that can be used on WhatsApp to improve your overall user experience.