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What All Can You Do With An Airtel Black All-in-one Plan? Read on!

By now, you all must have heard about Airtel Black’s all-in-one plan, that is, if you’re not living under a rock. But don’t worry, either way, we’re here to refresh your memory. Today, we shall tell you all about Airtel Black and everything that you can do with this incredible combo plan.

What Is Airtel Black – The All-in-one Plan?

Airtel Black, the all-in-one plan proposed by Airtel, is a unique offering in the entire telecom industry. It is a stand-alone plan that smartly combines your Mobile, Fiber and DTH bills into a single plan. So now, you’re free from the nuisance of having to track multiple bills. Just pay a single bill and you’re done for the month.

In fact, you can now combine the DTH, broadband and Postpaid bills of your entire family and pay them in a single click. It offers some fixed bundle plans as well as an opportunity to make your own plan. So, if you value non-stop entertainment, unlimited calling and unlimited data, then Airtel Black is a must-have for you.

Moreover, there are several things you can do with an Airtel Black plan. You can choose from the incredible fixed bundle plans offered, you can customise your own plan and you can also enjoy the additional benefits offered under the plan. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

Choose From Airtel Black Fixed Bundle Plans

Although, Airtel Black combines DTH, Fiber and Mobile plans, not all the plans include all 3 services. While some offer DTH plus broadband services, some combine DTH and Postpaid or Postpaid and broadband. Take a look at the fixed bundle packages you can choose from.

Airtel Black 998 
Airtel Black 1349 
Airtel Black 1598 
Airtel Black 2099 
2 Postpaid Connections 3 Postpaid Connections 2 Postpaid Connections 3 Postpaid Connections
DTH Connection – 1 1 DTH Connection  Fiber+Landline Connection – 1 1 Fiber+Landline Connection
1 DTH Connection
1 Year Amazon Prime Subscription 1 Year Amazon Prime Subscription 1 Year Amazon Prime Subscription 1 Year Amazon Prime Subscription
1 Year of Airtel Xstream App 1 Year of Airtel Xstream App 1 Year of Airtel Xstream App 1 Year of Airtel Xstream App


With either of these plans, you get an unlimited dose of entertainment as they all come with a complimentary year-long subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Airtel Xstream App.

Make Your Own Plan With Airtel Black

Want more? Now Airtel Black gives you the freedom to choose with an opportunity to customise your own package. You can enjoy this all in one plan by choosing different services offered by Airtel. So, now you don’t have to restrict yourself with only 2 Postpaids and a Fiber connection or 3 Postpaids and a DTH connection. Get all that you need with Airtel Black.

You can add up to 10 Airtel Parent Postpaid, 2 Airtel Xstream Fiber and 2 Airtel DTH primary connections as a part of your Airtel Black custom plan. Moreover, each primary DTH connection can have 3 secondary connections, while each Parent Postpaid connection allows 8 Child Connections.

So, you can add your entire family and maybe even some BFFs’ connections into your Airtel Black plan to get the best of benefits and rewards.

Avail Some Airtel Black Benefits 

Apart from the incredible offering mentioned above, with this all in one plan, you can also avail the following exclusive benefits:

  1. Get one bill & one call center for a hassle-free experience.
  2. Assistance from a dedicated relationship team to make your journey easier.
  3. Priority resolution of all your issues with the experts from your relationship team.
  4. Get your calls picked-up in 60 secs or get a priority call-back from our Airtel executives.
  5. Enjoy free service visits for a lifetime.
  6. Buy any service you want from the Airtel Shop and pay later with your Airtel Black bill.
  7. Enjoy 30 days free connection when you add any new service into an existing plan.

What are you waiting for? Go to https://www.airtel.in/airtel-black/ and sign up NOW!