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Airtel Thanks digital payments benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Bill Payments with Airtel Thanks App

The Airtel Thanks app is currently used and loved by more than 100 million Airtel users, which is a testament to the fact that it is an incredibly reliable app. Be it your Airtel prepaid recharge, postpaid bill payment, broadband and DTH bills and more, you can use the Airtel Thanks app to make all sorts of payments.

In this blog, we will take you through the top 5 benefits of completing your digital bill payments with the Airtel Thanks app. If you were looking for the advantages of online payment or the benefits of digital payments, then here are 5 ways in which the Airtel Thanks app can make your life easier.

An instant and convenient way to pay bills

Gone are the days when you would have to make payments with cash or pay bills with cash. Embrace the magic of a new digital India, where payment-based apps such as Airtel Thanks app have taken over. Now you can pay any bills or recharge a mobile by simply scanning a QR code or typing in a VPA (virtual payment address) on the Thanks app.

Moreover, you can make multiple transactions throughout the day and there are no added fees for making these payments. Your transactions will be completely safe and are done with the help of UPI, which stands for Unified Payments Interface.

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Improved speed and timely delivery of payments

There are plenty of ways to transfer money instantly, such as NEFT, IMPS and RTGS. These are extremely secure ways to pay, but, at the end of the day, they can be time-consuming. Also, they are not as easy as simply taking the phone out of your pocket and paying the bill. Instead, for example, in NEFT, you have to add a beneficiary to your account and only then you can pay.

Digital bill payments are incredibly simple and easy with the Airtel Thanks app. All you have to do is scan the QR code or enter the VPA, enter the amount you want to pay and the UPI PIN to facilitate the transaction.

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Enhances your credit access

Cash payments cannot be traced. But when you make digital payments, all of it can be linked back to your bank account. This, in turn, can help you access credit from banks or financial institutions more readily. 

Different banks can take note of how you have made transactions to arrive at a cash flow-based decision. If you have a small business, then this is one of the best ways to improve your credit score and get credit.

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Safe and secure

If you have been using cash for a long time, then surely you are aware of the many logistical issues that are there with it. Moreover, carrying cash also makes it more vulnerable to theft. Not to mention, the added challenge of always carrying change.

Making digital payments with your Airtel Thanks app is way more secure. The added levels of authentication needed to complete a transaction only goes to boost the security factor.

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Improved financial inclusion

Digital payments from the Airtel Thanks app allows anyone to send or receive money, instantly. This means, someone who is unable to go to a bank or access cash from an ATM can just sit at home while paying their bills from the phone.

As a result of this feature, financial inclusion has also received a major boost. UPI-based bill payments and recharges have received a major boost, in both the rural and urban regions. 

Download the Airtel Thanks app for all your digital payments

One may think that the Thanks app is just for Airtel bill payments and online recharges when the opposite is true. You can use this one app to pay the bills and recharge for other mobile operators as well. The app also allows you to pay your utility bills, online.

Looking to get a brand new credit card or a personal loan offer with low-interest rates? Airtel Thanks will help you out once again. 

If you still do not have the app on your phone, then you are definitely missing out! Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and explore the many other benefits that it offers.