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How to check Airtel offers

How to Check My Offers in Airtel Thanks App

The Airtel Thanks App has long been many people’s preferred mobile recharge app. While that is a clear testament to how helpful the app is, many are still unaware of the list of additional benefits that come along by using the app. And by additional advantages, we refer to the countless offers, OTT benefits and more that you can get from this app. In this blog, we will explain how to easily check for Airtel offers.

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How to check my offers using Airtel Thanks App?

To get started with the whole process of Airtel Thanks offers, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly, you must download the Airtel Thanks app.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, make sure you log in to the app with your Airtel credentials.
  3. After logging in, check the various offers available. For example, if you look at Airtel prepaid recharge plans, there will be many benefits. Similarly for Airtel postpaid, broadband, DTH and more.
  4. Now, to grab these offers, you need to buy a service via the Thanks app. It could be anything – a brand-new SIM card, a broadband connection, a new Android box, etc.
  5. Once your payment is completed, go to the profile section of the app. Tap on the top left button to get there.
  6. Click on Thanks benefits.
  7. If you are eligible for any benefits, you can see them here.
  8. You can proceed to claim them from here as well.

Thus, as you can see, checking for your Airtel Thanks offers and even claiming them is extremely easy from the Thanks app.

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How to check my offers on the Airtel official website

Just like the Airtel Thanks app, you can also check for the Airtel offers via the official Airtel website. Here are the steps on how to look for Airtel Thanks offer via the website:

  1. Open the Airtel website.
  2. Go to prepaid, postpaid, broadband, DTH or any other banner and click on their services.
  3. Now, if you look at the Airtel plans, you will see the additional benefits are also mentioned alongside.
  4. Thus, you can easily check out the Airtel Thanks offers from here.

Disclaimer: Do note that even though you can see the benefits here, you should use the Thanks app to complete your recharge. This is advised because you can only claim your Thanks benefits when you complete your recharges via the app.

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How to check special offers in Airtel using USSD codes

Those who are not experts in using the internet, don’t want to use the Thanks app or have trouble with the primary Airtel website, can also make use of USSD codes. Yes, this is not the most optimal solution, but it still is one of the best ways for you to work with. Here is how you can check for Airtel offers now with USSD codes as well:

Airtel USSD Code Details Airtel USSD Codes
Airtel Balance and Validity Check Code *123#
Airtel Offer Code *121*1#
Airtel Number Check USSD Code *282#
Airtel Balance Check Code *121*2#
USSD Code Airtel Missed Call Alert *888#
Airtel Talk time Loan USSD Code *141#
Airtel Balance Check Number (Data/Internet) Call on 52141
USSD Code Airtel Unlimited Packs *121*1#
Airtel Self Care Menu Code *121#
Airtel USSD Code GPRS Internet Settings SMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Hello Tune USSD Code *678#
USSD Codes Airtel Roaming Packs *222#
Airtel USSD Number Check Code *282#
Airtel to Airtel Talktime Balance Transfer USSD Code *141# & Select Share Talktime Option
Airtel Validity Check Code *123#
Airtel USSD Code for Talktime Loan Rs. 10 *141*10#
Airtel Internet Loan USSD Code (3G/4G) *141*567#
Airtel Data Loan USSD Code (2G) *141*567#
Airtel GPRS Internet Data Loan Code *141*567#
Activate Airtel DND Service Number SMS “START” to 1909
Airtel USSD Code for Flash Services *121*5#
Airtel VAS Services Charged Details *121*7#2
Airtel Last Call Details Check Number *121*7#3
Airtel SMS Deduction Checking Code *121*7#4
Airtel Data Charged Details Check Code *121*7#5
Airtel USSD Codes for Recharge Details *121*7#6
Advance Talktime Loan Code *121*7#7
Airtel Unlimited Calling Pack Code *121*8#1
Airtel USSD Code For Rs.29 Data Pack *121*8#2
Airtel Airtel USSD Code – Cafe Pack – Rs.5 *121*8#3
Airtel Plan Check 2G/3G/4G *121*8#4
Airtel USSD Code for Net Loan *121*8#5
Airtel Own Number Check Code *121*9#
Unlimited Airtel Packs Check Code *121*10#
Airtel Offers Code (Data Details 2G/3G/4G) *121*11#
Airtel USSD Code for 3G Service *121*111#
Airtel Balance Check Code *123#
Airtel Balance Check Number (2G Data) *121*51# 4
Airtel Check Balance Code (3G/4G) *121*51# 4
Airtel Data Code – Check Best Internet Offers *121*11#
Airtel My Own Number Check Code *282#
START Airtel VAS Service (Airtel USSD Code) SMS “START” to 121
Share Airtel Internet Data Balance *129*101#
Airtel Mobile Internet Setting Code SMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Talktime Loan USSD Code Call to 52141
Get Airtel USSD Code By SMS Send SMS “Short Code” to 121
Airtel Internet Loan USSD Codes *121*8#2
Airtel Voice Packs USSD Codes *121*8#5
Airtel Offer Code USSD – Data Pack *121*10#1
Airtel Offers Code – Voice Packs *121*10#2
Airtel Offer Code – SMS Pack *121*10#3
Airtel USSD Code Rs9 Cafe Pack 1 Hr *121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code 50 L+N SMS USSD Code *121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code 10 L+N Minute USSD Code *121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code 50 Night Minute USSD Code *121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code Rs.7- 20MB USSD Code *121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code Roaming Packs *121*14#
Airtel USSD Code 1000 L+N SMS Rs88 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 700 L+N SMS Rs62 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 450 L+N SMS Rs42 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 340 L+N SMS @Rs34 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 100 Local SMS @Rs10 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 55 Local SMS @Rs5 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 140 Local SMS @Rs13 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 150 Local SMS @Rs15 SMS Pack *121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 200 Local SMS Rs26 SMS Pack *121*12#2
USSD Code for Local USSD Code Airtel Voice Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Airtel STD Voice Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Airtel Local + STD Voice Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Airtel Roaming Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Airtel ISD Packs *121*12#3

How to check offers in Airtel using Airtel customer care number?

You could also check for Airtel offers by getting in touch with the Airtel customer care executive. However, if you really want to experience the best offers from Airtel and get a lot of freebies alongside, choosing Airtel Thanks is the most logical thing to do!

Download the Thanks app today, check for the benefits and offers and claim your rewards instantly.

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