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Water bill payment Delhi

How to pay water bill online and offline – complete guide

Water is one of the most important needs in our daily lives. Without a steady and constant supply of water, living would become incredibly difficult. After all, water helps us in cooking, washing, bathing, and so much more. Therefore, water is an essential utility for all of us.

When it comes to water, it is also quite important that you always remember to pay your water bills. In case you do not, you will probably end up getting your water supply cut by the municipality. On the other hand, you might have to pay additional charges for late payment too. Therefore, paying your water bill within the time limit is always a good idea. Now, instead of searching for terms like ‘water bill quick pay’ on the internet, you can go through our blog to understand how you can do the same.

Can I pay water bill offline?

Of course! You can pay water bill offline, in the rather traditional way, if you wish to do so. To pay water bill offline, simply visit the nearest Municipal Corporation office to you. You will also have to carry your water bill when you visit. You can use multiple transaction methods to make your payment at the Municipal office. It can be done via cash, credit/debit card, DD or even a cheque.

However, paying your water bills offline can be a tiresome activity. There are multiple steps involved in this process. In addition, you will have to step out of the house, take out time from your daily schedule and more.

Instead, it is a much better idea to pay your water bill online. How to do so? It is quite simple. All you have to do is get the Airtel Thanks water bill payment app on your smartphone. Here’s a bit more detail into that, to help you understand.

How to pay water bill online?

If you want to pay water bill online, follow these few easy steps as given below:

  1. First of all, you will have to download the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone. If you have an Android device, the Thanks app will be available in the Play Store. For iOS based devices, it is available in the App Store.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app, open the app.
  3. Go to the ‘Pay’ tab of the Airtel Thanks app.
  4. Now, you will come across a ‘recharge and pay bill’ section on the same page.
  5. Proceed to click on ‘More’. In the new screen that opens up, there will be multiple utility payment options available.
  6. Amongst the different utilities, select ‘Water’.
  7. A new screen will open which will ask you to select your operator from the drop-down menu. Choose your operator when you have found it.
  8. Once you choose the operator, you will be asked to enter further information. Therefore, keep your water bill close to you as it will come handy.
  9. Enter all the water bills as requested and proceed to make the payment via Airtel Thanks.

Done. Your water bill quick pay is now completed, fully online.

Avail Airtel Thanks cashback when you pay water bill online

You can even get an amazing cashback offer from our Thanks app when you use it for the first time to make pay water bill online. When you pay your bill with the Airtel UPI, you will get a flat 50% cashback. However, the cashback offer is available only up to a maximum amount of ₹40. Furthermore, you have to make a minimum water bill payment of at least ₹50 to get the cashback offer.

What are some other benefits of Airtel Thanks?

There are multiple benefits of Airtel Thanks, not just pay water bill. Here are some of them:

  1. You can use the Airtel Thanks app to make almost any utility bill payments. Gas cylinder booking, electricity, FASTag, piped gas and many others.
  2. The Thanks app can also be used to make recharges, for yourself as well as your family members. You can recharge prepaid/postpaid, broadband, DTH connections with the app.
  3. It allows you to make cashless payments wherever possible. You need not carry cash along with you anymore.
  4. The cashless payments with our Thanks app are almost instantaneous.
  5. You need not enter your bank account details and other sensitive information every time you make a transaction.
  6. Airtel Thanks app also lets you track your past transactions made on the app.

Therefore, get the Airtel Thanks app right away and pay your water bill on time!