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Pay gas bill online

Step-by-step guide to pay your gas bill online

A gas connection is extremely important for a household. Nothing matches a home-cooked fresh and hot meal. For that purpose, you need a functional gas connection at your home. Up until recently, most of the households in India preferred LPG cylinders to light their stove. But over time, the Government is working with various state authorities to introduce a piped gas connection or PNG connections at various apartment complexes.

The question here arises, how does the payment system for PNG work? One needs to be clear on this as to never default on any gas bill and attract penalty fees.

Read on to know how to make gas bill payment online using a super app built for recharges and utility bill payment.

How Piped gas connection works?

Piped gas connection works like other underground connections of water, sewage, power, or telephone. Pipelines dedicated to transporting gas are laid all over a city or a certain area connecting each place.

A main gas pipeline is distributed into several smaller pipelines, all carrying gas to your home. On the other hand, with piped gas, there won’t be any need of cylinders.

How can you pay piped gas bill online?

If you are a piped gas user, we are sure a lot of you must be confused as to how to pay gas bill online.

LPG users usually book a new cylinder as per their need. It can be booked online and offline. The payment can be made upon delivery. A cash memo is provided by the delivery executive.

However, when it comes to a piped gas connection, the process is quite different.

Now that you have gas available at the turn of a knob, your monthly bill will be determined by your usage. A normal LPG cylinder of 14.2 Kg in a functioning household works for at least 1.5 month. If your rate of consumption remains the same, piped gas bill will be charged similarly as per its own rate.

It is definitely a postpaid service for its users whereas LPG is a prepaid service.

Hence, piped gas bill payment is similar to that of a postpaid phone bill or an electricity bill.

Therefore, the easiest way for pipe gas bill payment is by using the Airtel Thanks app.

Pay gas bill using Airtel Thanks app

Airtel Thanks app is a super app. It offers various services and products for purchase right on the app.

Paying utility bills is one of the services offered by the Airtel Thanks app. Follow the below steps to pay your gas bill online using the Thanks app:

Step 1

Download the Airtel Thanks app. If you are an Android Phone user, you can download the same from the Google Play Store whereas if you are an Apple user, you can download the app from the Ios store.

Step 2

After downloading and installing the app, register with your mobile number. You will receive an OTP after entering your number. Please fill in the same correctly to register and login.

Step 3

There are various sections in the app named Services, Shop, Pay, Discover, and Help.

Tap on the ‘Pay’ or ‘Bank’ section. This section is dedicated to Airtel Payments Bank, Airtel UPI, Airtel Wallet, and other online payment facilities.

Step 4

Identify Recharge and Pay Bills header. You will see various options here including prepaid, dth, postpaid, landline, electricity, book cylinder, FASTag recharge, etc.  This is the section dedicated to recharge options along with utility payment tabs.

Click on ‘more’ to explore more utility payment options.

Here, you will find an icon named ‘piped gas’ under utilities. Tap on the same.

Step 5

You need to select the name of your piped gas operator from the drop down. Or simply type the name in the form above to fetch the operator.

Select it.

Step 6

As we know, all gas connections have a dedicated Customer number or a CRN number. It is a unique code that the system randomly assigns to all the users. You can find yours in your invoice.

Please enter the same in the box correctly. The number is unique to you and is essential to pull up your record with the agency. Do keep it safe at all times.

Hit Proceed.

Step 7

Finally, now you can check your monthly gas bill and pay it using the app.

Furthermore, Airtel Thanks app gives gas bill payment offers for its users. You can earn a flat cashback of Rs. 20 on gas bill payment of Rs. 700 and more, once per month. To earn the cashback, make the payment using the Airtel Payments Bank account or Airtel wallet.

Be it electricity bill payment or a piped gas bill payment, you can do it all with the Airtel Thanks app.