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Step-by-step process on how to change name in electricity bill

In today’s day and age, electricity runs our world. All our devices, broadband connections, television sets – need electricity. We all get frustrated very easily when the power source goes away. Constant and uninterrupted power supply from the electricity supplier keeps everyone at home happy.

Now that you have electricity, you will also have an electric bill alongside. Thankfully, paying your electricity and other utility bills is very simple nowadays, owing to the Airtel Thanks app.

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Electricity bill payment has now been made easy due to the electricity bill payment app. There can be a few challenges when it comes to electricity bill name change. Why so? Because there are multiple steps and documents involved in the entire process.

There can be many reasons that end up making you change the name on your electricity bill. For example, you may have shifted to a new residence. Or, you have bought a new property from an erstwhile owner. There can be many more. Regardless of the reason, getting your name updated on your current residence’s electric bill is necessary.

Documents needed to submit the application for change of name in electricity bill

If you are looking forward to electricity bill name change, then these are some of the documents that the concerned authorities will ask you to present:

  1. Your customer identification number, or account number or CA number. This number will be mentioned on any of the previous electricity bills of the residence
  2. One original and one copy of the last electricity bill that was generated
  3. Proof of ownership. For this, you can carry an attested copy of the sale or rent agreement of the residence
  4. A copy of the residence’s house tax receipt
  5. A stamp paper that includes an indemnity bond, which can be sourced from any notary office nearby
  6. The previous owner’s NOC (no objection certificate)
  7. Copies of your address and an ID proof
  8. Aadhaar card
  9. Also, do carry any other documents that the authorities specifically ask you to bring

Application for change of name in electricity bill online

After you have acquired all the documents that have been mentioned above, you have to go to the office of the electricity board physically. Unfortunately, there is no way yet, that will allow you to go through the entire process online.

These are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. Visit the nearest electricity board office
  2. Once you are there, ask for an application form that will enable you to change the name on the electric bill
  3. Some offices might ask you to pay an amount for the application form, some may not
  4. Fill up all the necessary details in the form, and submit it along with the various documents that have been mentioned above
  5. The concerned authorities will verify your information in the application form, along with the documents that you have just submitted
  6. Once the verification of all the documents is completed by the officials, you can be asked to pay a fee for the name change process
  7. Now, the application will be sent for internal reviewing
  8. Once internal checks are completed and everything is given the green light, a technician from the electric supply board might visit your residence
  9. This technician will now perform one last verification of all the details that you have provided
  10. Once the final check is done, the electricity bill will get transferred to your name
  11. After the technician has visited your residence and has verified the information that you had provided earlier, it will take a few business days for the records to show that the electricity bill will now be in your name

Visit the nearest electricity board for further clarity

Agreed, getting the electricity bill changed to your name can be a long-drawn process. In addition, you may also be asked to a visit a couple of more offices to get your documents attested by the respective authorities.

However, to best understand what you need to do exactly, you should ideally visit your nearest electricity board. Additionally, the exact process as well as the list of documents may also differ from one electricity board to another.

Since the entire document verification process goes through the board, the officials at the board’s office will be able to guide you through the formalities even better.