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Check UPI transaction status

Check UPI transaction status

It is important for everyone to keep track of their money. As online transactions have been made speedy and easy with UPI apps, we often forget to track these transactions. People are now using UPI to pay for small amounts like Rs. 10 or 20. With so many transactions happening in a day, we all can forget where we ended up spending our money. Therefore, you need to check UPI transaction status and history after every online payment to maintain your finances and financial well-being.

We all have faced a situation where money is debited from our account but doesn’t reflect in the merchant’s account. In such a situation, UPI transaction status plays an important role. Thanks to UPI apps’ excellent UI, you can check status of all your transactions easily right in the app. One such UPI App is Airtel Thanks App

If you are wondering how to check status of UPI transaction in the Airtel Thanks app, let us tell you!

How to check UPI status of a UPI transaction?

Airtel Thanks app offers its users a seamless way to keep track of all their payments and their statuses.

Follow the below steps to check UPI transaction status:

Step 1- 

Login to your Airtel Thanks app with the registered phone number.

Step 2- 

Head over to the ‘Pay’ section. You can find the tab at bottom of the app screen next to Services, Shop, Discover, and Help.

Step 3- 

On Airtel Pay tab, you will see various options like send money, scan QR, view balance, self-transfer, etc.

Scroll down at the bottom of the page. You will see an option called ‘Transaction History’ along with Payment Settings and Get Help.

Step 4- 

Tap on it. You will see 3 different options:

  • Airtel UPI transactions
  • Airtel Recharges and Bills
  • Utilities and Others

Select Airtel UPI transactions for UPI transaction ID status check.

Step 5- 

All your transactions are reflected under this tab. A header called “Showing transactions from (certain date) to (another date) for 720XXXXXXX” will be present. You can modify the dates and filter the results for better understanding.

Step 6- 

Identify the transaction you are looking for by the date marked above, the amount sent or received, and the receiver’s name.

If it says ‘Success’ in front of the transaction, it means your transaction was successful. In case, a transaction fails, it will be marked as ‘Fail’ against the entry.

In many cases, the transactions are marked ‘Pending’ if they are still being processed by the banks. A UPI transaction status that’s pending is a rare occurrence but not nil.  Usually, in pending cases, the money doesn’t reach the receiver’s account and is credited back to the source account.

If the money is not credited in 5-6 working days, you should contact the UPI customer care for further help. Airtel Thanks app has a dedicated Help section for such issues.

UPI transaction status and history details that are recorded:

  • Sender/Receiver’s name
  • Sender/Receiver’s UPI ID
  • Date of Transaction
  • Time of Transaction
  • Amount transferred or received
  • UPI Payment status
  • Reference Number

Reference number in my transaction status

When you use a BHIM UPI to transfer or receive money, a reference number is generated for each transaction performed. When you check transaction status UPI, you will see this number. It is also called as RRN number or transaction ID. Many people track down a transaction amidst a sea of transactions by using this unique 12-digit reference number.

UPI transactions with Airtel Thanks app

Airtel Thanks app provides one of the best platform for UPI transactions. You get round-the-clock assistance and a seamless online payment experience with Airtel Thanks app. With Airtel, you don’t have to worry about transaction status because we offer a high success rate for all the transactions!

Now that you have learnt how to check UP transaction status online using the Airtel Thanks app, you can keep track of all your payments in one place. No need of maintaining a diary to keep track of your transactions. Just open your Airtel Thanks app, head over to the pay section, and check your transaction history and status in one place.

UPI transaction status in the Help section

You can also head over to the Help tab on the bottom of the app screen and tap on transaction history. You will be able to find all your transactions including recharge payment, utility bill payment, money transfer, etc., all consolidated here.

Download the Airtel Thanks app to do your recharge, pay utility bills, transfer money, buy everything Airtel, and more! Explore the Airtel world today!