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Airtel broadband 1099 plan details

Airtel Broadband 1099 plan details – Xstream Fiber

There was a time when broadband was considered a luxury by many. Thankfully, now it is way more accessible, easy to purchase, and simple to recharge as well. A broadband connection is now one of the very first things that people think of, when going to a new home or office. Without a working broadband service by your side, it is almost impossible to work or even play in recent times. Now, when there’s a demand, there will be enough supply too. Hence, here at Airtel, we have brought ahead the very lucrative Airtel 1099 broadband plan, which will surely win your heart.

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Here are all the Airtel broadband 1099 plan details that you might be eager to know more about.

The Airtel broadband 1099 plan: Entertainment + TV

This Airtel 1099 plan is named Entertainment + TV, because it will give you a single solution to all your entertainment as well as TV needs. Here are the features of this plan:

Unlimited internet

If your broadband isn’t really providing you unlimited internet, then why have a broadband connection in place? Here, at Airtel, we understand that the way you use your broadband internet may vary, but you will obviously need copious amounts of data to help you pass through the day. Hence, we will provide you with unlimited internet. No matter what your needs are, you can be assured that data balance is something that you will never have to think twice about.

Browse the internet to your heart’s content, watch movies in 4K, play online video games on your console – do it all with our unlimited broadband plans.

Airtel broadband 1099 plan

Say goodbye to lagging

A Wi-Fi connection without proper internet speed is only so useful. Thankfully, our Airtel broadband infrastructure is supported by optic fiber cables. This is the very latest technology, that makes broadband faster, better, and more efficient than ever. As a result, your Airtel broadband will never lag. Furthermore, you will be getting speeds that would go as high as 200 mbps.

With Airtel broadband’s 1099 plan, you will soon forget what buffering or lagging is. Unless you are still using internet via mobile data. Switch over to the Airtel 1099 plan and you will realise what broadband should ideally be.

Experience Wi-Fi calling on your phone

With our Airtel broadband connection, you will also finally be able to experience flawless Wi-Fi calling. The tech that works behind Wi-Fi calling is easy to explain too. Instead of your SIM card network, you make use of your Wi-Fi network to ensure that the call goes through. Moreover, you will also see that Wi-Fi calling makes calls better as well. If you are living in an area with low or disruptive cellular reception, then Wi-Fi calling with Airtel broadband is the way to go.

Free OTT benefits

Nowadays, OTT has become extremely popular. So much so, that people aren’t willing to watch normal TV shows anymore. They would rather view the latest series on an OTT platform. With Airtel broadband’s 1099 plan, we are extremely pleased to provide you with not one, but two incredible OTT platforms. You can now get 1 year of Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video from your Entertainment + TV plan.

These two OTT platforms have enough content to keep you addicted to the screen for days. You will find the widest range of TV shows, superhero movies, timeless romcoms, sitcoms – the very lot. These two OTT platforms will take care of all your entertainment plans, for the near future.

An additional set of benefits

Here are the additional benefits of choosing the Airtel broadband 1099 plan:

  1. Free subscription to Airtel Xstream app
  2. Airtel’s VIP service
  3. Apollo 24/7 circle subscription for free
  4. FASTag recharge benefits
  5. Wynk music premium

To avail all these offers with your new broadband connection from Airtel, kindly remember that these are available on the Airtel Thanks app. Hence, you will be able to redeem the various discounts or free subscriptions from the Airtel Thanks Benefits section.

To conclude, the Airtel 1099 broadband plan is simply enough to match all the needs. No matter what you throw at it, you can be assured that your broadband will more than stand up to it. It will always deliver. With a monthly rental price of just ₹1099, you just know that this an extremely lucrative deal.

Do remember that you will also get extra benefits when you choose a long term plan. The 6 month plan will get you a 7.5% discount and the 12 month plans will get you a 15% discount as well. Therefore, it also makes much more sense to get Airtel broadband for a longer duration.

Get your broadband connection from Airtel and have the best possible experience. We are glad to serve you.