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Broadband vs Fiber : WIFI network Vs cable, which is better for you?

Modern day communication methods have vastly improved over the past couple of years. Moreover, they are steadily improving day by day. As a result, sometimes it is indeed quite difficult for the layman to keep track of all the latest advancements. Regardless of that fact, the term broadband is quite frequently heard nowadays. A good wifi network is extremely important for literally everything in this day and age. However, broadband vs fiber can create a lot of questions.

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The internet, IoT based products and various other internet based services such as broadband have picked up a lot of attention in the past few years. The growth in internet and broadband connections in households has also been steadily supported by the pandemic.

The role of the pandemic in boosting broadband adoption

Due to widespread lockdowns and social distancing mandates, work from home became a reality. In addition, children started attending online classes, people took to social media to cool down, meeting with friends over video platforms became common occurrence.

Basically, the overall internet usage increased all around. This was a world where going out became unsafe and internet was your connection to the outside. This in effect, made people realise the importance of having a fast internet connection. And there is no better solution to that other than the broadband.

Broadband connections were available even before the pandemic. But because of the new normal, the demand for broadband boosted to new heights. And now, the demand is here to stay because fast internet has become a necessity in everyone’s lives.

Another term that has been quite loosely intertwined with broadband is fiber. However, there is a certain difference between the two, and you need to be careful about that.

If you are looking to get a broadband connection, then it is even more important that you understand the difference between broadband vs fiber. Therefore, let us first look into the broadband connection.

What exactly is broadband?

According to the definition, broadband means access to high speed internet. To be classified as a broadband connection, your home wifi network has to provide a minimum download speeds of up to 25mbps. On the other hand, it also has to maintain an upload speed of at least 3mbps.

Now, broadband internet service providers use the following technologies to provide internet:

  1. Fiber optic cable
  2. Digital subscriber line (the traditional copper wire lines)
  3. Cable and satellite

Now that we have introduced the term fiber, let us understand what it means.

What is a fiber internet connection?

A fiber internet connection is a broadband network that provides its users access to the internet via a fiber optic cable network. The fiber optic network is considered the very best as of now and provides internet speeds that are consistent throughout.

The advantages of a fiber cable network over wifi network

Here’s a list of the advantages of fiber optic cables, that makes them so much better than the rest:

  1. There is a massive boost to the overall upload and download speeds when you shift to a fiber optic network.
  2. Reliability is also a key factor for your broadband connection. With fiber optic cables powering your wifi network, you can stream the highest quality videos, conduct HD video calls and so much more. All this at the same time.
  3. Say goodbye to buffering or slow website loading speed.
  4. Boost your gaming skills and climb up leader boards with lesser ping rates.
  5. Enables you to connect multiple devices to the network, and still provides the promised speed.

We now hope you can understand what it means when we say broadband vs fiber.

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At Airtel, we have one of India’s fastest broadband connections. Our fiber optic cable network is meant to empower your connectivity to the next level. Airtel Xstream also provides you with some of the best wifi plans for home in India.

There is a large selection of plans, with multiple offers and benefits associated with each of them. This way, there is something available for all types of consumers, only at Airtel.

By choosing Airtel, you can always stay assured to get an excellent wifi network. You will get a premium office like internet experience, right from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you will also get these features which will boost your productivity and entertainment:

  1. Speeds that can go up to 1gbps, depending upon the plan
  2. Unlimited wifi internet means that you need not worry about your plan running out
  3. Routers that can auto troubleshoot. This means you don’t have to be actively involved in case of small issues
  4. Our promise of constant speed so that you always get the very best connection

If you already have a broadband plan from another provider, then conduct a wifi speed test today. And if you do see, that the speed is not up to the mark, then what are you waiting for? Shift to Airtel’s superior network right away!