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Do Wi-Fi Services Help in Securing Homes?

As we move closer to the concept of smart phones, our homes are completely becoming dependent on the internet. Automated electronics like light systems at home, Google or Amazon assistants, or home security systems rely heavily on the internet. Although it is a groundbreaking development in tech, we need to focus on how it is also a security threat for our homes.

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Why do I need to have a home secure from online threats?

You need a secure Wi-Fi connection to protect these devices from a breach in order to maintain security of your home. One can never imagine leaving their house door open, it is a potential security risk. Similarly, one shouldn’t leave the home devices unsecured without a good Wi-Fi connection as it is inviting the same level of security risk to your home. An unsecured home can lead to a targeted attack by hackers to gain access to your personal and financial information.

They can also monitor the websites you visit, get their hands on your super passwords, and send you spam or commit cyber-crime using your device. Moreover, hackers can also lock you out of your own Wi-Fi network and hijack it using sophisticated tools. Worst of all, they can launch a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS).

A DDoS attack is basically an attack to crash a website by increasing the traffic of the website from various sources. In this attack, multiple Internet of Things (Iot) devices are attacked and controlled by malware to form a botnet which then launches the main attack.

Therefore, it is quite essential to keep your home network secure using Wi-Fi services. You can find some of the best wifi plans with Airtel Broadband for home or business which provide your network in-built security from malicious elements. You can also keep the pointers below in mind after installing Airtel Broadband at your home to keep the network secure.

Strong password:

If you are getting a new connection, always remember to change the username and password of the network. Hackers generally have access to many default usernames and passwords. Therefore, it will be easier for them to hack your Wi-Fi using multiple combinations. Also, make sure your password is a strong combination of words, numbers, and special characters. Ideally, it should not be your or your loved one’s birthday or any important date.

In-built Firewalls:

Firewalls yet another extra layer of security your wi-fi connection Airtel wifi router already has a built-in firewall feature that protects your network from any uninvited intruders. Please check if the firewall feature is enabled. Meanwhile, also check if the remote administration option is disabled for your network. The Remote administration allows anyone close to your home to simply view or manipulate your wi-fi settings. This can be used by hackers to hijack your network and commit umpteen cyber-crimes or disable your security system, steal your financial information, etc.

Hide your network:

Hiding your network from the public view is another way to safeguard your home network. The router is usually assigned a default SSID (Service Set Identifier) number. The SSID number indicates the type of router you are using for your network. With the SSID number hiding feature, you can ensure your network doesn’t show up in the list of surrounding networks in your neighborhood.

WPA2 feature and VPN (Virtual Private Network) for home networks:

Encryption jumbles the content of any message so that it can’t be deciphered by the hackers. A WPA2 is one of the best encryption features for your home network. Contact your broadband operator to understand If your router supports this feature. If not, do upgrade your router for a secure network. Another way to secure your network is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN allows users to encrypt your data and hide your location and websites you are visiting. It also changes your IP (Internet Protocol) address to change the location from your actual home address to confuse the hackers.

To keep your home secure, Wi-fi services are quite important. Therefore, it is important to choose a trusted operator like Airtel. We offer some of the best wifi plans with top of the line security features. Airtel provides best wi-fi broadband connection. Other than the above-mentioned pointers, you should also keep your router’s software updated. In addition, turn off the Wi-Fi connection when not at home to avoid chances of attack from a hacker. With these in mind, enjoy the seamless internet connectivity with no fear of breach in your smart home!