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How to check Airtel availability in Your Area

How to check for Airtel Broadband availability in your area

Internet connection has become one of the basic needs for almost everyone. Be it a school-going student or a working professional, high-speed internet is one of the prerequisites for both. And why not? Thanks to the online hub, the world survived the brunt of the ghastly pandemic by introducing work from home and online classes.

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Long gone are the days when mobile data used to be enough for all our data needs. As more and more of your daily life shifts online, the need and usage of those MBs and GBs increases. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have a broadband connection in your home and office. We, at Airtel, have been providing the best cellular network to our customers since the beginning. The same applies to our broadband connection.

As one of the most preferred Internet Service Providers, we are here to provide you round-the-clock fast and reliable internet. If you are looking to install Airtel broadband in your home, you will need to check the availability in your area online.

The process is quite simple. Let us walk you through it.

Airtel Broadband availability check in your area

Airtel is working to reach several unreachable areas for broadband connectivity. Given that it’s work in progress, please bear with us. Do an Airtel broadband availability check, before booking an installation for the connection.

Follow the below steps:

Using Airtel website

  • Go to Airtel’s official website.
  • Locate ‘Broadband’ tab and click on ‘Buy new connection.’
  • Go through all the available plans and compare them. Select a plan by clicking on ‘Buy now’ option.
  • You will be redirected to a new page. The page is dedicated to Airtel Broadband Feasibility Check.
  • Enter the relevant details like your name, mobile number, and city of residence.
  • Then click on ‘Yes’ if you live in a multi-storey building with 4 or more floors. If you have clicked on yes, enter your apartment or building name and flat number. In case you have clicked no, enter your complete installation address.
  • If you are putting in the request from your home, you can also click on ‘I want the installation at my current location.’ The system will automatically detect your location.
  • Now click on the ‘Submit’ button to proceed.

If the Airtel broadband is available in your mentioned area, you will get a prompt that an Airtel representative will contact you for further process. In case, the broadband is not available in your area, you will get a prompt stating the same.

Using the Airtel Thanks app

  • Open your Airtel Thanks app and stay on the home ‘manage’ page.
  • Scroll over to the ‘Buy’ section and click on ‘Broadband.’
  • Enter your installation address and hit submit button.
  • Select the plan you are interested in and proceed.
  • Your request for an Airtel broadband availability check will be created.
  • Once the feasibility check is completed, you will have to follow further steps like making payment, documents verification, and installation/activation.

Further process for installing Airtel broadband at your home

After you have completed the feasibility check and it’s confirmed that your area has Airtel Xstream fiber broadband, you can move forward with further steps. They are mentioned below.

Payment process to apply for Airtel broadband

An Airtel representative will contact you to confirm the feasibility and discuss more about the broadband plans. Once you are sure about the broadband plan you wish to install, you can make the payment online. The fee will include broadband monthly charges and installation charges, if any. In most of the cases, the installation fee is waived off for long term plans. If it’s a monthly plan, the installation charges come up to Rs. 1000.

Document Verification to get Airtel broadband

Once the payment is made, an Airtel representative will visit your home for the document verification process. Keep an identity proof and address proof, along with your passport size photo ready for the process. It will take up to 30-60 minutes. You can schedule a time comfortable for you with the local representative.

Installation and Activation process

The last step of the process is installation of the router and activation. Airtel broadband executives will visit your home at a time you are comfortable with and install the router. You can ask them questions about the speed, connectivity during weather change, router security, and more. Your connection will be activated on the same day.

Once your connection is activated and installed, you can run a network speed test to check the speed of your wifi connection. Most of the good wifi connections achieve at least 80% of the promised speed.