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How to fix lag in PC games

How to reduce internet lag while gaming online

Well, gamers would agree with us, when we say, lag is the greatest enemy for any gamer. You are about to reach the next level or beat your high score, and at that perfect sweet moment, you experience a lag. All gone! Your progress, the last score, you lose it all in just a millisecond! Now, you must start over.

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We know how frustrating a laggy game with pixelated graphics can be! A one-time occurrence can be chalked up to many factors. But if your game is lagging regularly, we suggest you find the root cause of the issue and fix it.

If you are frustrated as a gamer due to lag and wondering why is my game lagging, this article is for you. Read on further to know how to play online games without lag.

Why is my game lagging?

There can be many factors which can contribute to a laggy game. It can be your computer, the game itself, or the internet.

Here are a few signs to look out for.

  • The game loads slowly and graphics flicker a lot.
  • The frame rates drop.
  • You have issues saving your progress.
  • Browser windows come up real slow and give out error messages.
  • OS is slow.
  • Internet connection is just generally slow.

A lag in your game is because of high latency. Latency refers to the time taken for data to be transferred back and forth from your network to the server and back. When this time taken for the transfer is on the higher side, your game lags.

Higher the latency, longer the lag for your game. High latency can even prevent you from saving your progress or locking in your stats. If you wish to keep your game stats intact, we suggest you try out the following ways to reduce internet lag while gaming online.

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How to solve lagging problem in games?

Get the best game experience by solving lag issues using following methods!

Fix the location of your router to reduce lag in games

It is given that internet lag happens due to slow internet. But sometimes, your internet is slow because you are just far away from your router. As you know, a strong Wi-Fi signal can help you get better internet. Therefore, it is advised to keep the router centrally located in your home. If you are still not getting the desired speed, keep the router to your game console setup.

This can help you fix the lag in your games and have a better game experience.

Boost or extend your Wi-Fi signal

As discussed above, your Wi-Fi signal affects your game’s performance. Therefore, it is recommended to get a good quality Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-Fi extender, as the name suggests helps to extend a Wi-Fi’s signal and reach out to far placed devices.

You can also reboot your router to fix any software issues.

Another way to boost your Wi-Fi signal is to switch the frequency band. You might have noticed that your Wi-Fi has 2 available connections – 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz. Usually, people use 2.4 Ghz band on their routers. The 2.4 GHz is meant to cover more distance but offers lower speeds. Whereas 5 GHz band covers small distances but provides faster speed. If you are switching to 5 GHz band, we advise you to stay near the router.

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Upgrade your internet package and connection to fix lag in games

While a basic internet package is enough to do basic online activities like surfing, using social media, etc., it is not enough for playing online games. Moreover, a Wi-Fi connection has multiple devices connected which shares its bandwidth. If you wish to remove lag in your game, upgrade your internet package from a basic one to a high-speed or premium one. Talk to your ISP to help you with this decision. Now coming to the type of internet connection, get a fiber connection. Fibre broadband connection is stable and is mainly used to fix laggy games.

While you are thinking about the internet connection, also consider switching to an ethernet rather than a Wi-Fi connection. Ethernet internet connection is much more stable than Wi-Fi connections.

Other than these above-mentioned pointers, you can also secure your internet connection to ensure no outsiders are using up your bandwidth. If the problem still persists, you can consider changing the game settings for reducing the graphics settings. Your picture might become a little grainy but the lags will be fixed.

We hope these methods would have fixed your game lagging issues. Now you know how to play online games without lag. You can take an internet lag test by playing a game on your renewed connection. If you still face internet lags every few minutes, take an internet lag test, and call your ISP for better connection.