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Ways to determine a good Wifi speed test result

Who doesn’t love fast internet! As it means you can get more done in a lesser time period, watch videos in 4K quality, make HD video calls, etc. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can instantly connect and search up any information on the internet in a few seconds. Yet, many times, the internet that we have on our devices is not up to the mark. While there can be a number of factors that are affecting the speed, everyone has a frown on their face when internet speeds aren’t optimal. To check if you are getting the optimal internet speed that your internet provider had promised, you should try to do a wifi speed test of your connection.

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Things to check before you perform a wifi speed test

There are multiple things that are taken into consideration while your device is doing a wifi speed test. Therefore, to get the best results, here are some points that you need to keep in mind:

Keep aware of units

Speed test results can be shown in a variety of units, and the most usual ones are in Kilobytes per second (kbps) or Megabytes per second (mbps). Thus, there can be a large difference between the wifi speed when you compare one unit’s wifi speed test to that of another.

Device cache

Clearing your device or browser’s cache before performing a speed test is always better, since this way you can get optimal results. A cache is a small amount of information that your browser keeps stored in it, so that the next time you open a website, the page opens faster.

While this is a good feature, it can potentially affect your wifi speed test results by showing you the results of the previous test. Therefore, always clear the cache before you test the connection speed.

Close your open applications

Applications that are currently running the background of your device can also play a part in slowing down your wifi speed test results. OTT streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video or Disney+Hotstar can consume large amounts of data, therefore keeping them closed will help you get better results.

Ongoing software updates, downloading large files, or if you are uploading a large video on another platform – each of these can also affect the wifi speed test because the network is getting jammed by heavy upload/download demand.

Disable the VPN

If you are using a VPN connection and performing a speed test over it, then you are probably receiving the speed test results from another country. Since VPN (virtual private network) servers are usually located thousands of miles away and are generally in a different country, conducting a speed test through it will definitely show you a lesser speed than what you would actually get if you had not enabled it.

Reboot the device

At times, rebooting the various devices that you have, such as PC, router, smartphone etc., can also help in getting better results from your wifi speed tests.

Check your Wifi Internet Speed with Airtel Internet Speed Test


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If you have performed all the above tests and you’re still not getting optimum internet speed on your broadband connection, then it is high time that you choose a broadband provider for your home that will never let you down.

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