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what is modem

What is wifi modem, its uses & types? Read on!

Over the course of years, technology has grown at a rapid pace. That is why, it has often been tough keeping up with the new inventions, new terminologies and more. Regardless, when you do know about these tech innovations, you end up realising how useful they could be. In certain cases, you might as well, end up getting yourself one of these new devices. In this blog, we will cover what is wifi modem, what the modem stands for, modem definition and some more information regarding it.

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Therefore, without waiting anymore, let us get on with it.

What is wifi modem?

A modem is a computational device which is used to convert data into a signal. By converting the data into a signal, it becomes incredibly easier to send the information over a wifi connection, phone line, etc.

In the olden days, you could connect to the internet by using the telephone line. In such cases, the modem converts digital and Analog data in real time. However, in modern times, that is no longer required. The modems of our current times are high speed, and the signals do not have to be converted anymore.

What are the types of modems that we can find?

Primarily, there are to different types of modems that you will come across. The dial up modem and the broadband modem. Here’s a bit more about them:

Dial Up

As you may have guessed by the name, the dial up modems are used on the dial up networks. You get an external dial up modem, which eventually connects to the computer at one end, and another end connects to the telephone line.

Now, the modern day dial up modems that you get today are able to transmit data at 56,000 bits/second. Regardless of that, the public telephone networks do not have the capability to provide high speed internet. Multiple limitations often make them provide an internet speed of up to 33 Kbps, or even lower. As a result, it is quite slow.

Broadband Modems

Broadband modems make use of very advanced signalling techniques. Thus, it is no big surprise that the broadband modems are much faster. Especially when compared to the past generation’s dial up modems, the speeds are significantly faster.

What is a wifi modem?

A wifi modem is able to send out both wireless signals while having a wired connection. In today’s times, most modems are equipped with built-in wifi support. Moreover, there is not much difference between a traditional modem and a router.

The routers and modems that you find today almost have similar functionality. Regardless, a few differences still do exist. The modem takes charge of connecting you to the internet. On the other hand, you have the routers that allow multiple devices to connect to the internet, all at the same time.

Uses of Modem

As discussed above, modem helps in transmission of digital data amongst multiple computer systems. Therefore, there are many uses of modem in this digital era.

  • Receive information signals from Fibre connection – for broadband connections
  • Transmit data for cable connection
  • Receive data from telephone lines and converting it to make it compatible for PCs

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