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cash limit in credit card

Here’s how you can check cash limit in a credit card

Credit cards offer us incredible flexibility when it comes to making payments. They are effortless, and let you pay for things in advance. You simply have to pay the bill at the end of every tenure, and you are good to go.

The benefits of a credit card are quite hard to ignore. That is why, it is easy to understand why so many people love to use their credit cards. However, like all good things, there is always an end. Similarly, when it comes to your credit card, that too has a limit. In terms of a credit card, that limit is known as a cash limit.

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If you have never used a credit card before, then now is a good time to read up on it before you finally get yourself a brand new credit card.

What does cash limit in credit mean?

The cash limit denotes the maximum amount of cash that you can withdraw from your credit card. You need to adhere to this limit when you are withdrawing cash from a bank with your credit card. Once you have reached the credit card cash limit, you can no longer withdraw cash.

Moreover, you will also have to pay the amount that you have taken from the bank. In addition, you will also be asked to pay the interest amount, and late charges as well, if there are any.

Credit card limit and credit card cash withdrawal limit is different

Once you reach the limit on your credit card, you can no longer make cashless payments with it. You will have to use your debit card, or your Airtel Thanks mobile wallet to make cashless transactions. Credit card limit may or may not be in cash.

On the other hand, credit card cash withdrawal limit is totally different. It only refers to the amount of cash you can withdraw from the bank issued credit card. This limit does not consider your online transactions.

So how do I know the available cash limit in credit card?

You should note that when a bank issues a credit card, it only allows 20-40% of the total credit card limit to be used as credit card cash limit. For example, let us say, your total credit card limit is ₹1,00,000. Now, your cash withdrawal limit is set at 30%.

Thus, you can only withdraw a maximum of ₹30,000 from the credit card. No more than that. The rest of the amount, i.e., ₹70,000 can be used for making online transactions with the same credit card.

However, the cash limit can vary from one bank to another. In addition, your bank can even increase or decrease the cash limit. This depends on your purchasing behaviour, whether you are repaying the bank on time and other factors.

Ideally, you will be informed by the bank of your credit card withdrawal limit when you are being issued the card.

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