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How to Protect Credit Card Transaction from Frauds

Most people are finally realising the many benefits of owning a credit card. As a result, more people have begun using credit cards for their daily transactions and online payments. While all this may sound nice to you, but there is one problem associated with using a credit card, i.e., fraud. Credit card theft has been increasing with each passing day, and it can be quite damaging. As a result, people are always worried about credit card protection or protection from credit card theft.

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Methods to help you protect your credit card

We have some key pointers to get a secured credit card or protect credit card:

  • Keep the credit card in a secure place
  • Monitor your online transactions
  • Do not leave a paper trail
  • Block the credit card if lost
  • Have a strong password
  • Double check online transactions

Keep the credit card in a secure and safe place

When we are talking about credit card theft protection, it is obvious that where you keep the credit card can be especially important. You must ensure that the card is not kept at a place that can be easily located by others. In addition, when you receive your new credit card, sign on the back of the card and check if the credit card kit or envelope is completely untampered. Furthermore, after every transaction, put the credit card away, preferably into a small wallet. This helps because many times, fraudsters will use their cell phones to take photos of your credit card via their phone camera.

Monitor your transactions online

You can also monitor all your credit card-based transactions, down to every single penny. Moreover, every single major credit card issuer also has their very own website, which makes it easy for you to track everything down. In addition, you will also get notifications on your registered mobile number and e-mail ID after every transaction on your credit card. Hence, you can track your credit card spendings in real time as well.

Avoid leaving a paper trail

If you are looking for credit card theft protection, then here is yet another intelligent factor that you need to be sure of. Do remember that your credit card bill statements usually have a lot of details related to your credit card. Hence, whenever you are looking to discard such documents into the bin, ensure that you put them through the shredder at the very beginning. In addition, it is not just about the billing statement – even your expired credit cards could pose a threat if you do not dispose it off properly. You could simply put your expired credit cards through the shredder as well – it will ease of any concerns that you may have.

Block your credit card immediately, if lost or misused

In case, your credit card is lost or has been misused, then blocking your credit card is the safest solution. Do remember to contact your credit card issuing bank or merchant’s customer support instantly, and provide the necessary information needed to block the credit card immediately. Do not fret – you will get a new credit card will be issued to you soon enough, provided you report the incident immediately. Time is of prime essence, in such cases.

Create a strong password for e-banking

You may have heard this multiple times, but indeed, it does really work! A strong password can do wonders for you when it comes to protecting your credit card. Now, one of the most basic rules that you should follow while creating a strong password are some of these – a good mix of upper case and lowercase characters, at least one special character, and numbers. Have a healthy mix of all these and you will have a strong password. Also an inside tip- ensure that your password is not easily guessable and something that’s totally unique and hard to guess for the other party.

Double check your online transactions

There are a lot of people out there who will try phishing your credit card data. this includes copying bank logo, e-mail IDs and much more. one of the most basic things is to check for the legitimacy of it all. Look at the website where you are making the payment, if it is secured with ‘https://’ and other such measures.

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Get the best credit card, make sure you follow the steps mentioned above and your credit card will always be safe and secure!