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7 Reasons why you should choose Airtel DTH to watch IPL 2021 in HD

The Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL T20, has gained immense popularity over the years. The entire world waits for the tournament to happen. If reports are to be believed, the IPL will re-start around September this year.

Buy Airtel DTH with exciting benefits

While the organizers are preparing for a successful IPL 2021 tournament, are you ready to watch IPL in all its glory and have the gala time with your loved ones? Travelling to the venue to watch IPL live is still a big no-no for many. However, enjoying the tournament in HD with Airtel DTH can ensure a tremendous cricket-viewing experience.

Why choose Airtel DTH?

We Indians are very passionate about cricket, and there’s nothing better than watching it in HD quality. The thrill and the excitement are always at their peak. Airtel DTH plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. Here’s what makes Airtel DTH your perfect companion to watch IPL action in all its glory:

The full HD experience

If you want to enjoy IPL in full HD quality, Airtel HD Box is what you need. The Airtel DTH will transform your entire television viewing feel by offering a crystal-clear experience, Dolby sound, and options to pause, record and play.

Stadium-like experience

If you believe that to truly watch IPL, you have to be at the stadium with the other cheering fans; then we suggest you bring the stadium home. Airtel DTH provides the benefit of a Dolby sound experience which brings the thrill of cheering to your television. Simply connect the Airtel HD Box to your television and get ready to have a concert-like experience at home. After all, there is nothing better than watching IPL with Dolby sound.

Affordable pricing

Unlike other platforms, you can watch IPL 2021 at affordable pricing with Airtel DTH. You don’t need to take a subscription for all channels to watch IPL; you can take the subscription for the sports channel, and you are done. Airtel DTH has a list of comprehensive sports channels that airs IPL. So, pay only for those channels and enjoy your favourite sports tournament without burning a hole in your pocket.

Plug and play

Our pen drives are home to some of our beautiful and cherished memories. And at times, a short walk down memory lane can lift your mood on a dull day. Imagine reliving those memories on a big screen! Airtel DTH comes with plug and play feature that lets you plug in your pen drive and watch your favourite content or memories on your TV screen.

Free installation

While you may have enough reasons to choose Airtel DTH by now, another reason that could add to the list is professional and safe installation, and that too at no extra cost. Experts from Airtel will visit your home and offer free installation and set-up of the Airtel HD Box to ensure customized and best entertainment.

Airtel DTH offers you a full dose of bespoke entertainment. In a nutshell, it is your one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs. And hence, getting it installed now would indeed be a wise decision. So, bring home the Airtel Digital TV today and catch on your favourite shows at HD quality.