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Here’s how DTH and Android set-top box are different from one another!

The world has gone digital and so have your modes of entertainment. People are now shifting from watching TV shows and movies to binging on OTT content. And this has surely boosted the market for Android TV in India.

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But if you’re wondering what exactly the difference between a DTH and Android set-top box is, you’re not alone. And that’s why, we’re here to clearly state the differences between the two, helping you choose the best Android box or DTH box.

What is DTH?

Direct-to-home aka DTH is a digital satellite system that functions to get television services directly to the user’s home through a personal dish and set-top box. DTH has completely changed the way we watched TV by asking us to only pay for the channels we watch, giving us a wide range of SD and HD channels, enabling pause, record and play functions in LIVE TV and more.

The All-new Android TV

After the wave of the DTH services, came the innovative Android set-top box. Now that people enjoyed watching more of the OTT content why should they limit themselves to watching these on the small screen of a smartphone? Why not transform their old “idiot box” into a smart TV with the all-new Android set-top box?

Not only does the Android set-top box offer an array of apps and TV channels, but it also has voice command, online games, Chromecast and much more that makes it a must-have for every smart home.

DTH Set-top Box v/s Android Set-top Box

Choosing between the age-old analogue cable and a new DTH connection was rather simple, it was all about convenience and better features. However, many people might face difficulties when choosing between an HD DTH box and an Android set-top box.

And that’s why, we’re here with a simple comparison between the two to help you make the right choice:

DTH HD Set-top Box Android Set-top Box
An HD DTH connection such as the Airtel HD box is priced at Rs 1,000. The Airtel Xstream smart set-top box is priced at Rs. 1,500 with only a difference of Rs 500 from the HD box.
High-Definition video quality. 4K video quality.
Can choose from 550+ SD and HD TV channels. Can watch the 550+ TV channels along with OTT content from 5000+ apps.
Use remote to control the TV. Use remote, voice commands or simply transform your phone as a remote to control your smart TV.
Pause, play and record LIVE TV. Does all that and cast videos from your smartphone with the built-in Chromecast.

Apart from this, an Android set-top box like the Airtel Xstream box is also powered by Google which means it lets you browse for content with the help of Google Assistant. The box also comes with a year-long subscription to Xstream App Premium. It runs on the latest Android 9.0 and apart from the OTT content, it also offers games, music and much more!

Which Is The Best Choice For You And Why?

Now comes the time for the big decision, which one should you buy? A DTH box or an Android box? Well, if you are someone who just wants to watch high-quality TV channels with HD clarity and Dolby sound, the HD set-top box from Airtel priced at Rs 1850 is the best choice for you.

However, if you’re someone who wants the best of both worlds, TV channels and online content, the Airtel Xstream box is the best Android box for you. With this, you’ll get access to a whole new world of entertainment while spending only Rs 500 more as the Airtel Xstream box is now available at an unbelievable price of Rs 1,500.


We hope that now you’re clear in your head on which set-top box suits your needs the best. If so, head to https://www.airtel.in/dth and get your new set-top box NOW!