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Advantages of postpaid plan

Benefits of customizing your postpaid plan

Customization is one of the greatest offerings that any consumer can have in a product or service. It allows them to have their desired product or service at their own terms. Knowing this, Airtel has introduced My Plan. Available for both new and existing customers, it allows the customer to create their own postpaid plan based on factors that they consider important and are most likely to use.

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My Plan is a completely new step that is built with the idea that every customer is unique and cannot be catered to in the same way as everyone else. No matter what the customer’s needs are, Airtel’s My Plan allows them to tailor a custom and flexible postpaid plan as per their unique requirements.

Regardless of a person’s usage, selecting an appropriate postpaid plan in itself is no simple task. Hence, creating a plan from scratch could seem to be an even more daunting task, but it’s well worth it. Read on to understand the benefits that a My Plan brings with it.


Benefits of Customizing Postpaid Plans:

  • Less wastage of talktime/data

    Customers often spend a lot of money on postpaid plans throughout the year to have enough data and talktime. However, to ensure that they do not end up using more than their plan allows and raising their bill, they end up buying a bigger plan than they need. This means that, ultimately, many people end up paying for services that they do not end up using, leading to wastage of services. For instance, someone who needs a large amount of data may not require a lot of talktime, but they are forced to buy and waste it anyway out of necessity. With a customized postpaid plan, you can decide how much talktime and data you need based on your usage and budget, and nothing goes to waste.

  • Lower cost

    In the same vein, choosing to opt for a customized postpaid plan gives users the flexibility to only choose the features and benefits that they will actually use, thus preventing needless expenditure on additional benefits that aren’t required. For instance, if a user needs a large amount of talktime but has access to high-speed WiFi most days, and thus does not require much data, chances are that a standard postpaid plan would force them to pay for data that they will never use. By choosing Airtel’s My Plan, they can choose exactly how much talktime they need and pay for only that and nothing else, saving them a large amount of money and proving to be a cost-effective option in the long run.

  • Available for both new and existing customers

    Regardless of whether someone is a longtime Airtel user, if they currently use another telecom provider’s network, or whether they have a prepaid or postpaid SIM card, an Airtel My Plan is available for everyone. New users can avail an Airtel My Plan without changing their phone number by simply porting their current number from another telecom operator to Airtel. Similarly, prepaid users can switch to a customized postpaid plan with ease by raising a request on the Airtel website or Airtel Thanks app.

  • Maximum convenience

    Not only is it advantageous to have a customized plan in the first place, but Airtel’s My Plan means convenience at every step. With Airtel’s website and the Airtel Thanks app, users can access My Plan to understand postpaid plans and decide what type of services they want with the click of a button. Both of these resources are easy to navigate and are built with the customer in mind. Moreover, if users have any doubts about the service, the customer care helpline is able to provide all the information they might need. This means that users can avail a customized postpaid plan from the comfort of their own home, and they do not need to head to an Airtel store every time they need to make even the slightest adjustments to their plan.