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Compare Airtel prepaid and postpaid plans to make a smart switch!

Whether it is porting from one network provider to another or choosing between prepaid and postpaid connections, changing your mobile plans has always been a huge decision. So, if you plan to switch from Prepaid to Postpaid, the most important thing you need to do is compare Prepaid and Postpaid plans of the respective service provider. And then, you can make a wise decision based on your requirements.

Buy Airtel Postpaid with exciting benefits!

If you’re someone who wishes to switch from Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid, but is still on the edge about the decision, we’re here to help you make the final call.


Airtel Prepaid Plan

Like any other Prepaid plan, the Airtel Prepaid plan is the mobile network service where you do recharge and pay upfront before you can start enjoying any services. It includes various plans from the Truly Unlimited plans, Data and Talk time top-ups, Smart Recharges and International Roaming Recharges.

Airtel’s Truly Unlimited plans start with the one priced at Rs 299 that includes Unlimited calling, 1.5Gb data and 100 SMS per day, with a validity of 28 days. It goes on to have recharges for 56 days, 84 days, and so on, till 365 days.


Airtel Postpaid Plan

As the name suggests, it’s a telecom service plan that allows the user to use the services first and then pay for them through a detailed bill. This bill is received at the end of every billing cycle.

Airtel Postpaid predominantly has 4 best-selling plans priced at Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 999 and Rs 1,599 per month. All of these come with Unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day and a fixed cap of data per month.

However, if you exhaust your data, you can continue using the plan without any interruption. This is because the additional amount will be calculated and added in the upcoming bill.


Pros & Cons Of Switching From Airtel Prepaid To Airtel Postpaid

You can now compare Prepaid and Postpaid plans offered by Airtel by simply visiting their respective webpage links, here and here. However, if you want to understand the pros and cons making this shift, here’s our list that might help you:



In Airtel Postpaid, customers need not worry about having to recharge frequently. Just pay your bill at the end of every month. Changing from one plan to another might lead to additional charges, especially if you change mid-month. So, you must choose your plan wisely.
Airtel offers Postpaid plans at an affordable, value-for-money rate. Unlike Prepaid, you can’t choose any duration for your plan as most Postpaid plans come with a monthly billing cycle.
If you stick to the plan chosen, you only have to pay a fixed bill amount for Airtel Postpaid every month, which is pretty similar to its Prepaid counterpart. Since Postpaid users pay bills according to usage, if you exceed your chosen plan, you might get a higher bill. However, such Bill shocks can be avoided with Airtel Postpaid’s Real-Time Tracking feature.
With Airtel Postpaid, you get Family plans that offer 2 free family add-ons. These can be shared with your family members.
Every Airtel Postpaid plan offers Unlimited Calls and Data, along with a Data Rollover facility. So, with very less chances of data interruption, you can now use your phone to make calls, stream movies, all of it without any hiccups.
Airtel Postpaid boosts the entertainment quotient in your life with even their personal plan priced at Rs 499 offering a complimentary 1-year subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription and Airtel Xstream App subscription. This is a great perk, as separately these would cost a bomb.
Unlike prepaid connections, Airtel Postpaid offers unlimited credits, which makes it great for any emergencies. You can easily pay the additional charges in the next bill.



Well, clearly, the Pros outnumber the Cons when it comes to switching from Airtel Prepaid to Airtel Postpaid. And if you’re convinced with this as well, visit https://www.airtel.in/postpaid/prepaid-to-postpaid/ and switch to the Postpaid world.