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Airtel MNP status

How to check postpaid MNP status?

In the age of connectivity, changing a mobile number used to be a nightmare. You would have to update your new number everywhere from your banks to Aadhaar card, which would be a huge hassle and get in the way of a busy lifestyle. There was also always the risk of the telecom company reissuing your number to someone else after a period of disconnection as well. This would mean that most people were stuck with providers they were unhappy with and could not upgrade to better connectivity and service.

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But ever since the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced mobile number portability, or MNP, in India, users are able to upgrade to their favorite postpaid service provider without changing their mobile number. But a lot of users are still confused about how to initiate MNP and how to check MNP status, especially for postpaid connectionsLet’s take a look.


Postpaid MNP process

The first step is choosing a better service provider. You can choose this by comparing the services and plans of all the providers available to you and selecting a comprehensive plan that will work for you. Airtel’s postpaid plans, for instance, offer unlimited calling, daily SMS allowances, and data that can be carried forward to next month.

Once you have made the decision, SMS “PORT” to 1900 from your number and you will receive a UPC or a port number. Now it’s time to contact your new service provider. Airtel had made this easy for you. If you wish to join Airtel’s ever-growing family, just visit airtel.in/mnp. Here you can choose a postpaid plan that will work for you and select a time for your KYC pickup and new SIM delivery. An Airtel executive will visit you at the scheduled time. Make sure you keep the KYC documents and port number handy to ensure a hassle-free process. Documents needed include an address proof and identity proof. If you have an identity card that can also be used as an address proof, like an Aadhar card, only that one document is required.

You can also visit an Airtel store and conduct the MNP process offline, which is equally hassle-free.


How to check MNP status?

According to TRAI’s updated norms, the whole process of MNP will be completed within four days. At Airtel, you can expect your new SIM to be activated in around 48 hours if it’s a transfer within the state. In the case of an interstate transfer, it might take around 4 days to complete the whole process. There will be no downtime during this period as you can use your previous service provider’s SIM until the switch is made.

If you are switching to Airtel, real-time tracking of your SIM port status is very easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is download the Airtel Thanks app and login with your mobile number.

You could also contact Airtel’s customer care to know more about your SIM port status.

How to port to postpaid from prepaid?

You can easily port to Airtel postpaid from any service provider’s prepaid connection using the same steps mentioned above. Just make sure that you select postpaid while choosing a plan from the Airtel website. All Airtel postpaid plans have unlimited calls and you can carry forward up to 200GB of unused data to the next month. You can also choose a family plan to make sure your loved ones are uninterruptedly connected all the time with one single bill.

As a final step, you will receive an SMS with the final MNP status confirming your request. Just insert your new SIM card in your phone, and enjoy Airtel’s uninterrupted network!