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reduce your mobile bill

Reduce mobile bills with customised Postpaid plans by Airtel My Plan

Increasing expenses are a headache for anyone. And on top of that, if your mobile bills are giving you a “Bill Shock” every month, maybe it’s time to port from your existing service providers and switch to Airtel. Because with Airtel Postpaid, you now get to reduce your monthly mobile bills with the customized plans. Wondering how? Allow us to explain.

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Airtel’s Affordable Postpaid Plans

Those aiming to reduce their monthly bills, should consider Airtel’s affordable Postpaid plans.

Check out the following table for more details about the Postpaid Plans offered by Airtel:


Cost Per Month

Data Per Month

All India Calls+Roaming

SMS Per Day

Additional Benefits

Rs.399 40GB Unlimited 100 Airtel Xstream app subscription

Airtel Thanks Rewards

Data Rollover up to 200 Gb

Rs.499 75GB Unlimited 100 All of the above plus:

A one-year amazon prime subscription

Disney+ Hotstar mobile subscription

Handset protection

Rs.999 150GB Unlimited 100 All of the above plus:

Free 2 family add-on connections

Rs.1599 500GB Unlimited 100 All of the above plus:

Free 1 family add-on connection

200 ISD Mins & 10% off on IR Packs


Earlier, the Airtel My Plan was all about custom-creating your own Postpaid plan. However, now it’s about choosing the best plan for you to reduce your monthly bill. Read on to know how you can choose the best bill for you while performing some cost-cutting on your bill.


How to choose the right Postpaid plan to reduce bill

The biggest reason for “Bill Shocks” is an unexpectedly high bill. This is usually received when you exceed your monthly usage plan. And a premium amount is charged on top of your existing plan. So, how can you reduce your bill? Simple, by considering the following factors and choosing a plan that is enough for your needs.


Understanding Your Data Usage

Today, almost every Postpaid plan offers unlimited calling. So, the factor you need to consider while choosing your plan is Data. If you’re a new/potential Postpaid customer, think of how much data you use in a month and choose accordingly.

Meanwhile, if you’re an existing Postpaid user, check your bills to understand your Data usage and choose a plan that has at least a little buffer than your required amount.

Looking For The Best Plans/Offerings

Look for the best offers and plans a telecom provider has to offer. Think if you want a personal plan or a family plan. If you have only 1 family member to be added to your plan, you can always do that directly into Airtel’s 399 or 499 plan by paying Rs 299 more for Unlimited calls + 30GB of data + 100SMS / days.


Meanwhile, if you have two family members to be added, the Rs 999 plan is preferable as it’ll save you a hundred rupees right then and there. So, choose your plans wisely.

Explore Your Options

With so many telecom providers, you obviously have a plethora of choices. Explore your options, compare them and then choose the best one for you.


How To Reduce Monthly Postpaid Bill

Now that was all about how to choose the perfect plan for you. But how to manage it to reduce bills, once you’re done choosing your plan? Just take care of a few things and you’ll never go overboard.

Switch To Wifi – Since calling is free, Data is one of the only things that can increase your bill. So, switch to Wifi when possible and save that precious data. After all, with Data rollover, you can use it next time.

Use Apps To Make International Calls – Make international calls using video calling apps like, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, IMO, etc.

Stick To Your Chosen Plan – Whatever plan you finally choose, try to stay within the limit to reduce your chances of getting a “Bill Shock”.

Go, visit https://www.airtel.in/myplan-infinity/ now and choose your ideal Postpaid plan.