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Best Mobile Data Plan

Factors to consider while choosing an unlimited mobile data plan

Low-cost internet and the penetration of smartphones into the hands of almost every Indian citizen has transformed the society today, and for the better. Internet is now seen as a basic necessity. After all, it provides us a number of of advantages that it provides us, on a daily basis.

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However, despite the numerous benefits of super-fast internet along with other features, getting the right pack can be a challenge. You have to truly understand what you need from your mobile data. In addition, knowing how much you can accomplish from it can also help. Basically, you need to have a total understanding of the pack that you have subscribed to. Alongside, know the benefits that you can avail from it, and many other factors.

To understand which are the best mobile data plans for you, here a few key factors that can help you decide:

Is it truly unlimited?

A lot of mobile phone plans advertise that they are unlimited plans, bur when you look closer into them, there are multiple terms and conditions attached which essentially turn your unlimited plan into limited.

With Airtel’s prepaid unlimited plans, you can finally relax. At Airtel Prepaid, you can get unlimited calls for the entire duration of your pack once you select one of the truly unlimited packs for yourself.

Can I get a free streaming service subscription?

Streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney+Hotstar provide the complete entertainment package, with their massive libraries of movies from multiple Hollywood and Bollywood genres, animated movies, and even regional content.

If you like movies and web shows, but are yet to get a streaming service subscription, then it is time you get an Airtel truly unlimited plan. These services are included for free with Airtel prepaid plans, which automatically makes them one of the best mobile data plans for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Any more subscription-based services?

In times of uncertainty and the lockdowns, having access to a doctor at all times can do wonders for you and your family. Keeping in mind the challenges of moving around in such harsh times, Airtel provides users of the truly unlimited plan with a free subscription to Apollo 24/7 Circle, which means now you can have the best doctors, diagnostic services, and pharmacies of Apollo, all within your thumb’s reach.

Apollo 24/7 Circle gets you priority access to everything that is Apollo, and you even get multiple discounts on a wide range of services. Furthermore, you get cashbacks on making purchases, a doctor on call for 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week, get consultations from doctors at prices you have never heard before and so much more.

Get free Hellotunes

Depending upon the truly unlimited pack that you choose, you also get Airtel’s Hellotunes absolutely free. If you love music and would like to play your favourite songs for the people who choose to call, then choosing an Airtel Hellotunes caller tune is definitely the way to go!

So, which pack is the best for me?

To zero in on the best mobile data plans, you need to have a complete understanding of your daily internet usage. Also, the number of calls you make on daily basis and the number of SMS that you send. Then, you can start browsing the various Airtel plans available. This way, you can choose the plan that fits your requirements, completely.

The truly unlimited plan starts from ₹155 and can go up to ₹3359. The prices depend on the data packs, talk time validity and other features. However, you can always be assured that whatever the plan maybe, you will get to experience best in class call quality. Furthermore, you also get minimum call drops, high speed mobile data and so much more.