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How to change SIM card owner name

Here’s how to transfer SIM card ownership

Are you facing issues due to the wrong owner’s name of the SIM card? Or do you wish to transfer the owner’s name? Whatever the reason is, changing SIM card ownership is the only possible solution.

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Many people often transfer the ownership of their mobile number when they’re facing troubles with their SIM cards. So, let’s understand first why people change their ownership in detail below followed by a guide on how to transfer sim ownership:

Why should you transfer or change the SIM ownership?

Have you recently lost your phone? Is someone else using it instead of you? In that case, you need to transfer the ownership of your card for the following reasons:

  • A mobile phone in the wrong hands can wreak havoc on the real owner. Why? It provides unwanted access to your personal information, such as your bank account details or social media accounts
  • When an old user’s SIM card is manhandled by a new user (even if they are trustworthy), the older user ones who are found guilty. After all, the SIM is registered under their name
  • The old users will eventually become the culprit in the eyes of the law (even when they haven’t done anything wrong). Therefore, it is wise to not hand over your SIM card to anybody else without transferring the name.

But, if there is a situation that demands someone else have your SIM card without changing the ownership, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • Ensure that the SIM card is being used in front of you to avoid any wrongdoings behind your back. For instance, if someone asks you to lend your mobile phone to make an emergency call, tell them to call in front of you. Even if that person is a family member, don’t be careless.
  • Always remembers that even a single call or text message can be harmful if it is malicious.

While the above precautions will save a huge deal of your trouble, it is still important to transfer the ownership of the SIM card. So, if you’re ready to do it, follow the steps mentioned below:

How to change the ownership of a SIM card?

The process of transferring the ownership of a SIM card is straightforward. That’s right. So, see to it that you follow the process correctly to ensure that ownership is transferred without any hassle.

Listed below are some of the basic and common steps to take if you want to transfer the ownership of a SIM card:

Step 1: Collect ID from both people

Both new and old account holders will require the correct ID to get started with the process. In addition to this, see to it that you also keep both the account number and mobile number for your plan handy.

Step 2: Gather the right form

Certain providers, like Airtel, will ask you to collect the No Objection Certificate (NOC) and letter of acceptance form from their stores. The rest of them like Vodafone Idea (Vi) will require you to initiate a request via telephone.

Step 3: Submit the right paperwork

Submit the important documents, such as the proof of address and identity. Make sure to self-attest these documents.

Step 4: Complete the verification process

Once you submit and fill out all the paperwork, make sure to verify all documents from the SIM card provider.

Step 5: Collect the SIM card

After the verification is complete, collect the new SIM card from the provider.

Once you’ve followed the above steps, insert the SIM card into your smartphone and wait patiently until the activation. It usually takes a couple of days for the activation of the card. That is only if there aren’t any issues with your application.

Note: This process may slightly vary depending on your country and SIM card provider. Some carriers will allow you to carry out this process online, while the rest of them may ask you to visit their outlets.

 Before transferring the ownership of a number to the other person with these steps, consider the following aspects given below:

What are the common aspects of changing SIM ownership?

There are common aspects of changing SIM ownership everywhere. They are as follows:

  • The new user should be a resident of your country as a native will not be able to transfer the ownership to someone who is a tourist
  • The SIM card connection should not be under the scrutiny of the law. If it is, its ownership cannot be given away
  • You cannot force someone to take or give the SIM card ownership- both parties need to wilfully transfer.

If the mobile number has been transferred to your name, you can quite easily switch providers to get yourself on a better mobile plan (or network) if you’d like.

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These plans will allow you to make unlimited calls and text messages.

Cricket Packs

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Smart Recharge Plans

These plans provide customers with unlimited calls and data to accomplish their needs.

Data Plans

These plans are designed by network operators to limit the maximum amount of bandwidth offered for cellular services. In most cases, companies allow you to surpass the amount of data allowed in a contract. However, you will have to pay a per-gigabyte fee.

In a nutshell, changing ownership of a mobile number requires consent from both the current account holder as well as the person taking ownership. In addition to this, both these parties will require sufficient proof of identity. Then, the transfer of ownership can take place online, in-store, or over the phone.