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How to Maximize Value When You Sell Your Used Phone

How to Maximize Value When You Sell Your Used Phone?

Who doesn’t want to sell their old smartphone and get a new one, the one that has all the latest features and comes in wonderful colour options? Most people prefer to do it this way, because when you sell off your older phone, you get some extra money which can then be used to purchase a newer device. But it all comes down to how much you can get for selling your old phone. 

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You can choose to sell your old mobile phone online or offline, the choice is all yours. However, at the end of the day, you must maximise the value of the phone that you wish to sell. But how do you do it?

In this blog, you will come across a few helpful tips to get the maximum value on selling your current or older smartphone.

Always invest in a good smartphone case

Our smartphones are our daily drivers, and we basically take them, wherever we may go. Now, with all this exposure to the external elements, there is always a chance that your phone slips from your fingers. Even if you are extra careful with your phone, you never know when another person can bump into you and your phone will fall. 

To avoid damaging your current phone and to get the maximum resale value from it, buy a good smartphone case. The key thing to remember here is that you should always buy a smartphone case that provides extra protection around the corners and the edges.

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Get a good screen protector to get maximum value when you sell your phone

Another good idea to get the highest resale value on your smartphone is to attach a screen protector or tempered glass over the main phone screen. Modern smartphones come with features which state that your screen is extremely resistant, but here’s what they don’t tell you – it is just glass after all.

Fixing a good screen protector or tempered glass over your smartphone will ensure that it is always the external glass that will always take the fall. You will find these very easily – at local stores or on e-commerce platforms at cheap prices.

Keep your phone box and any accessories

Yet another tip to get the highest resale value on your older smartphone is to keep everything that comes with it. If you have stored your smartphone box, all the documents (such as bills) and chargers, then these can also help you to get a higher value on selling your phone.

Putting your phone into its original box and the rest of the accessories also make it more appealing to the one who is buying.

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Sell your used phone only after you clean it up

No matter to whom you may sell your phone, via an online platform or to some person you met on the internet, it is important that you clean your phone.

Remember the fact that people would always like to buy a second-hand device that is clean and tidy. Moreover, the buyer will also ensure that your phone is in good condition and keeping it clean will only help you to sell your used phone at a better price.

Repair your smartphone screen before selling it

Wondering if it is really necessary to fix the broken screen on your older phone? There is. Even if your device has a broken screen or some cracks, you can still get it repaired to fetch a higher resale price.

Hence, there is indeed added value in selling your older devices after repairing them.

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Always sell your used devices to a reputed buyer

When you sell your older devices to reputed buyers or platforms, you can be assured that you are getting a good value on your phone. Selling your old mobile phone on these platforms is extremely easy, and you will always know that you are getting a good deal.

Therefore, follow these few steps given above and have a great experience while you sell your old pone. And while buying your new device, why not try out 5G speeds on it by porting your number to Airtel?

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