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What is Dual SIM and How Does it Work?

Smartphones, internet connectivity, phone calls – it is simply hard to imagine our world without these technologies. Had it not been for these, who knows how our world would have looked like. It is only safe to assume that we are all very grateful that these technologies, for example, dual sim mobiles, exist in our time.

Internet made the whole world accessible to us. No matter which corner of the globe you were in, you just needed an internet connection to know what was going on in other parts of the world. Soon after, came the wave of smartphones.

The arrival of smartphones ensured that all of us could now access the internet, not only from our home PC, but from the palm of our hands. Eventually, this opened up a whole new world for us. Now developers started optimising websites, apps and many other electronic devices, just for smartphones.

The Undeniable Role of Easily Accessible Internet

Amidst these revolutions, the rise of cheap and accessible internet for all also had a major role to play. Although, internet was there for quite a while, it wasn’t accessible for everyone. It was quite expensive and people from all walks of life could not afford it.

This trend was soon turned on its head. With the arrival of cheaper internet packs and data plans that were suited for all pockets, everyone started getting smartphones. The gradual development and transition of the internet, from 2G to 3G and finally, to 4G also meant improved productivity and faster internet with their smartphones.

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This opened new avenues of growth for all kinds of people. Businesses flourished, newer companies opened, and more people started taking part in the digital economy. A whole new ecosystem was developed, with the arrival of cheap and accessible internet. And this digital ecosystem is only growing from strength to strength, even as we speak.

But, what is it that makes a smartphone tick? It is the sim card inside.

Usage of Sim Card

A sim card, which stands for Subscriber Identification Module, is a tiny card that makes your entire mobile phone run. Not just smartphones, sim cards are pivotal for running the most basic feature mobile phones as well. Some of the most mundane tasks that you perform on your phone, such as making calls, accessing the internet with mobile data, and sending SMS – all these need a sim card.

Without a sim card, your mobile phone will simply not be able to function. Hence, it would never fulfil its ultimate potential, which is making everything smarter and easier for the user.

The Introduction of Dual Sims in the Market

As more and more people started getting sim cards, everyone understood that a single sim card might not always meet all the requirements. As a result, smartphones started getting launched with dual sim features. With a dual sim mobile, you could now get the advantage of owning two different numbers, with two varied plans from your mobile operator.

Advantages of Having a Dual Sim Phone

Consumers warmly embraced the dual-sim enabled mobile phones because they offered a wide range of benefits. Here is a list of those advantages:

  1. You can keep a separate list of contact numbers on each of your sim cards
  2. One sim can be used for all your personal contacts, whereas you can use the other one to meet your work based or professional needs
  3. With one sim, you can have a deal that gives you the best calling plan, while the other one gives you an incredible data plan
  4. Carrying two different phones can be a big hassle. You need an extra charger, remember an extra set of lock screen passwords, have more apps or notifications to deal with, etc. Remove those obstacles by carrying two sims inside a single mobile phone
  5. If you see that one network provider is giving out a service that is unsatisfactory, you can always switch to the other one instantly and experience better network conditions

How Does the Dual Sim Technology Work?

The easy-to-understand part of a dual sim smartphone is the fact that it has extra space in its sim card tray, to allow for one more mobile sim card. You can divide the dual sim technology into two different types: the DSDA and the DSFA. Now, let us understand a bit more about them.


Dual Sim Dual Standby, in short DSDA, uses your sim cards alternatively. In essence, when you are actively using the services of one sim card on your device, the other sim card will be put on standby for the time being.


This one stands for Dual Sim Full Active. As the name might suggest, both the sim cards inserted in your device will be able to function together at the same time. It allows you to simply jump from one call on a sim to a phone call on the other sim, in a few seconds.

Why Airtel Should be Your Preferred Network?

You should choose Airtel as your go-to telecom network provider, be it for your single sim or dual sim card needs. At Airtel, we have some of the best prepaid plans, which will surely meet all your needs. On top of that, for getting a new Airtel connection, the sim card price is quite low too.

With Airtel’s best prepaid plans, you get features such as unlimited calling, free subscription to well-known OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar and a lot more. Moreover, you also get Airtel’s superior network coverage across the country.

Getting your prepaid plan recharge is also very simple and easy, because of the Airtel Thanks app. So, what are you waiting for? Choose Airtel and experience the multiple advantages of a dual sim setup on your mobile today!