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Reverse Phone Lookup: All You Need to Know

Do calls from unknown or suspicious numbers bum you out? Don’t dread. You’re not alone!

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Phone scams have become common in India. Many of you might have dealt with a fake call at some point. Dealing with such numbers can lead to stress, anxiety, and panic. But hey, guess what?

Fortunately, there is a way to counter the problem with a reverse phone lookup. It is an advanced technique that helps to track down and report the caller.

So, let us help you understand what a reverse phone number lookup does in detail below:

Understanding a Reverse Phone Lookup

A reverse phone number lookup identifies the details about the calls. Besides, it also does the following:

  • It determines whether it is telemarketing or a spam number
  • It helps to understand whether or not you can trust the caller’s number
  • It finds out whether your loved ones are in contact with a suspicious number or not

Now that you know the basics of a reverse phone lookup, let’s proceed further to understand how it works in detail below:

How does Reverse Phone Lookup Works?

Have you ever looked at a caller ID and wondered whose number it is? Well, in that case, reverse phone lookup comes to your rescue! It’ll help in figuring out who’s calling in split seconds.

Besides, reverse number lookup also proves useful under the following scenarios:

  1. While cleaning your desk, you come across a piece of paper with a handwritten unknown number. But hey, you can’t seem to remember whose number it is? Will you throw it away or save it on your phone?
  2. You get a call from an unrecognizable number. So, you’re skeptical whether to answer it or not
  3. Your physician provides you with the cell phone number of another doctor. So, you start wondering where is the new doctor located and how will you get there?
  4. You check your bill history and see several calls to an unknown number. Were these calls an error, or have you simply forgotten these numbers?

So, under all these scenarios, you need to try a reverse phone lookup to solve your problems!

How to Find Details of the Caller?

Many reverse phone lookup services allow you to track down, pin the unknown numbers, and put an end to your misery- all at zero costs. Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable and accurate. But, don’t worry! we’ve done some legwork and curated a list of some of the user-verified and well-known phone lookup services below.

  1. True Caller

Well, this has to be best! True Caller is an extremely popular app available on Play Store and iOS with over 130 million daily active users across the world. It is used to identify unknown numbers, spam, and companies, which try to contact you all day long.

  1. Coco Finder

It is a reliable, free reverse lookup website, which uses public records and digital footprints to provide you with detailed information about the caller. Some of them include the caller’s identity, social media profile, acquaintances, and alternate mobile numbers.

  1. Reverse Lookup

As the name suggests, the reverse lookup app runs the unknown number through the latest phone directory and retrieves the phone number instantly and free of charge.

  1. Mr. Number

It is a popular app for Android users, which is used to block unwanted, fraud, and spam calls.

  1. Whoscall

The app is partnered with the Taiwan National Police Administration. Besides, it is also ranked amongst the top 10 Innovated Apps. So, trust the Whoscall app to correctly identify all unknown and spam callers.

  1. Should I Answer?

It helps you to understand the nature of the call. For instance, if the incoming call is spam, the Should I Answer? app will immediately alert you. This way, you will understand which calls you should ignore.

  1. Hiya Caller ID and Block

It is a popular app on Google Play Store that has more than 10 million downloads. It is widely used by Android users to blacklist spam and fraudulent calls. Moreover, it helps to identify whether the messages contain any malware or not.

  1. Caller Smart

Are you wondering how to investigate mystery calls? Well, in that case, Caller Smart is the perfect app for you. It is great for those looking forward to finding out the complete name and location of the mystery caller. Besides, it also helps to investigate suspicious messages and avoid annoying bill collectors.

To sum up, unwanted incoming calls are inevitable. But you can still avoid them with these above-mentioned free reverse lookup services. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a recharge plan with sufficient data or recharge online directly from the Airtel website. Then, download these apps for your security and peace of mind!