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What is Airtel Global Business?

Helping individuals and businesses communicate better, Airtel Global Business is the 2nd largest telecommunication service provider in the world assisting carriers, mobile operators, OTTs, multinationals, and content owners across the globe. Known for our tailored solutions, we add value to businesses through our engineered-for-speed, state-of-the-art voice, data connectivity, cloud and digital solutions.

Our capabilities

Operating with the widest and largest ecosystem of partners and infrastructure


international cables


CLS India, Egypt, Italy


route kms across 50
countries & 5 continents


large, 120+ edge, 6 upcoming
hyperscale datacenters


India & global PoPs


voice & CPaaS partnerships


roaming partnerships

7 Billion +

global minutes

6 Billion +

A2P messages



Global products for your connectivity needs

Drive business growth and go beyond boundaries with our:

Global Voice & Messaging Services

Global Voice & Numbering Solutions

Unparalleled access to best quality voice
calling across the world

Global Messaging Solutions

A2P messaging solution for secure and
transparent customer communications

Airtel Advantage

Unified platform for Global Voice, Messaging &
Numbering Solutions

Global Connectivity Solutions

Global Dedicated Internet

Ensure secure, congestion free global

Global VPN

Ensure secure, congestion free global

Global Private Line

Scale your business operations with dedicated
point to point connectivity

Global Satellite Solutions

Power your global remote sites with reliable
and secure satellite solutions

Why choose us?

Trusted Partner

Our vision is to enrich the lives of our customers and partners. We obsess to deliver an exceptional experience through our services.

One Stop Solution

We offer a gamut of solutions that includes secure connectivity, cloud and data center services, cyber security, IoT, Ad Tech and cloud-based communications.


From adapting to evolving needs of the world - 5G, bandwidth on demand, cloud digital solution to customer hyper personalization needs through CPaaS solutions, we are agile.

telecommunication technology solutions

Secure, scalable & personalized
solutions built for your business

Secure, scalable & personalized solutions built for your business needs

Awards & accomplishments

Here’s what our customers say

Be at the forefront of technology transformation with our services

Exploring Telecommunication Service Provider for Business

India’s leading telecommunications service provider, Airtel, is now providing the technology needed to grow your business to the next level. Choosing the right telecom service provider can help businesses usher in a period of relentless growth and productivity

By using our optimised telecom solutions for business, you can add even greater value to your business. Bring in the magic of Airtel into your digital space as we transform the world for you.

Check out Various Telecom Technology Solutions offered by Airtel

Our telecom technology solutions are designed to help businesses scale new heights. Amidst a changing global landscape, we strive every day to provide an enriching and exhilarating experience to our business partners. We have the right team and the perfect answers that businesses have been looking for.

Be it cloud, data centre services, IoT, CPaaS and more – Airtel’s impressive range of telecommunications technology solutions is here to help organisations grow in the way they have always wanted to.

We are extremely quick to adapt to new challenges as well. From deploying 5G to meeting bandwidth demands to providing cloud solutions, we have been through all of it and are the industry experts.

Choose Airtel to get your one-stop solution for any telecom business requirements. We combine the business acumen of our partners with telecommunications technology solutions to unlock fresh opportunities for them.

Telecom Voice & Messaging Services

As a telecom technology service provider, we focus on providing businesses with seamless voice-calling capabilities, all around the globe. Our global voice & messaging services will make sure that businesses which depend on state-of-the-art communications technology services will benefit immensely.

Telecom IT Connectivity Solutions

Ranging from global dedicated internet connections, global VPN services, private lines and satellite solutions, our communications technology services have been crafted to help businesses.

Empowering Telecommunication IT Services across all Enterprises

No matter the size of the enterprise, Airtel’s telecom solutions for businesses are a game changer for all. We provide the right set of telecom communication solutions regardless of our partner’s position or size in the market. Security and scalability are at the core of all our communication solutions for businesses.

Telecom Solutions for Small Scale Businesses

The right set of solutions from Airtel can help small-scale businesses to get bigger. Voice, data, broadband, IoT, CPaaS, cloud – we offer it all. Choose Airtel as the partner in your growth story and fly higher than you ever have. The right telecom communication services can help you go wherever you want to.

Telecom Solutions for Mid-Market Enterprises

Our communication solution for businesses can also help mid-market businesses power through. We use our technology-oriented transformative services that will help businesses develop and grow into the big leagues. Furthermore, our personalised and agile solutions ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to helping our partners get there.

Telecom Services for Large Cooperative

Large-scale businesses can also depend on us, to handle their telecom communication services. As one of India’s leading telecom communication service providers, we know what it takes to separate the cream from the rest. And we bring that same energy to the table while offering our path-breaking digital services and solutions.

Innovative Telecommunication Services for Seamless Connectivity

As the world grows more and more competitive each day, businesses are in a race to innovate as quickly as they can. Airtel promises and provides the most advanced innovations currently so that businesses can grow faster and better.

Airtel Global Business is the one telecommunications service provider with all the answers to the businesses of the modern day. Our telecom communication solutions are extremely scalable, and we have the largest network of partners and infrastructure to help businesses fulfil their aspirations.

Revolutionizing Telecommunication Technology Solutions for Business

We are proud of our revolutionising capabilities and believe that we can help business achieve their goals faster. The communications technology services that we implement today will shape the future. Therefore, if you want your business to be ready for the future, then become an Airtel partner today.

Choose the leaders of telecom technology service providers and make your business truly global. Our extensive range of services and solutions will help business to forge new connections and drive growth forward.

Airtel: The Globally Trusted Telecommunication Service Provider

Airtel has long been a globally renowned player in the telecommunications service provider industry. With new innovations and products that are built for businesses, Airtel continues to drive growth in the digital age.

Airtel provides one-stop solutions for all your telecom service provider needs. Choose Airtel as your trusted partner and unleash the full potential of your business.

High-speed internet, seamless voice calling capabilities, cloud solutions, IoT and more – Airtel Global Business has it all. Our telecom solutions for business will enable organisations to communicate better in this digital world.

Become the business that you always dreamt of becoming, with Airtel’s secure, extremely scalable, and personalised telecom technology solutions.

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