Let your network stretch with you, not hold you back with Airtel NLD Plus with OPGW capabilities

    Businesses today aren’t just relying on underground connectivity but look forward to overhead connectivity to ensure seamless DC-DC Connectivity. With NLD Plus, your data gets delivered across the Indian subcontinent, delivering high-speed internet and secure voice, even in remote regions.

    Manage your data on the cloud to ensure business continuity

    • Cloud native enterprises requiring cloud access leverage DC-DC connectivity with ease.
    • Day-to-day operations on cloud made easy.
    optical ground wire

    Businesses expand in India using reliable optical ground wires

    • Global businesses expand their operations in India using 3-path network.
    • Advantage of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) and terrestrial networks to setup operations within India.
    opgw fiber

    Power high-quality customer experience

    • Cloud, CDN and Carrier players procure NLD circuits to build their backbone infrastructure.
    • Customer experience ride majorly on the backbone infrastructure of these players.
     opgw cable in transmission line

    Enterprises demand low latency for Data Recovery

    • BFSI, FinTech and IT companies have a huge demand for data replication.
    • Need for low latency pipes between data center and data recovery sites for enterprises.
     opgw fiber optic cable

    Exclusive features of Airtel NLD Plus with Optical Ground Wire

    • Assured Delivery

      Robust infrastructure

      Two lanes on powerful Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), utility infrastructure and a backup via the terrestrial underground.

    • Near Zero Latency

      Predictable latency

      Low-variance minimum and maximum latencies are now predictable and range-bound.

    • Transparent Analytics

      Reliable network

      Network is highly reliable with fixed 3-path network.

    • SpamShield Platform

      Super-fast connectivity

      Speeds scalable up to 100 gigabits with 99.9% uptime SLA.

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