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India with Airtel

As India's largest B2B company, we are amongst the leading global telecom and technology players. With a robust ecosystem of partners and widespread sustainable infrastructures, we serve over 1 Million businesses. With offerings ranging from connectivity and data centers to IoT, cybersecurity, CDN, and CPaaS, we are here to serve your future, digital business needs


Delivering at unprecedented scale with 400 Millions+ eyeballs in India

  • #1 connectivity player in India
  • 4,00,000RKM+ domestic fiber
  • 35Tb of capacity landing in India
Data Center (Nxtra by Airtel)
  • Largest network of data centers in India
  • 12 large, 120+ edge data centers
  • > 50% power through renewables sources for core data centers by next year

We power 52.8% of India’s IOT

  • 17.5Mn+ devices
  • 8000+ customers
  • Minimum 30% latency reduction
  • 99.99% service availability
  • 120+ Pb of storage
CPaaS (Airtel IQ)

Airtel is one of the largest CPaaS companies in India and the only telco based CPaaS company in the world.

  • 130Bn transactions
  • 300+ customers

Airtel iSOC (intelligent Security Operations Network)

  • 12000+ integrated devices
  • 8000+ events per day on an average
  • > 500,000 peak EPS per month

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Our vision is to enrich the lives of our customers and partners. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience through our services.

One Stop Solution

We offer a gamut of solutions that includes secure connectivity, cloud and data center services, cyber security, IoT, Ad Tech and cloud-based communications.


From adapting to the evolving needs of the world (5G, bandwidth on demand, cloud digital solution) to fulfilling customers’ hyper personalization needs through CPaaS solutions, we are agile.

Solutions for all your business needs

Solutions for all your business

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