Airtel as a Brand

Airtel was born free to unleash the world of possibilities and opportunities with a determination to connect people across the globe.

We are a perfect mix of energy, creativity, dedication and ambition to become the best telecom service provider. We are a skilled team with a motive to grow and we are constantly working and developing infrastructure to introduce newer and smarter technologies. We offer enterprise services including national and international long-distance services to carriers.

We have more than 406 million subscribers (till March 2019)

We are constantly working to support the growing demand for data and telecom services. We are delivering effective products to contribute towards creating “Digital India”, by helping millions of voices to connect and grow for a brighter tomorrow. To know more please visit,

As India's leading telecommunications company, the Airtel brand has played the role of a major catalyst in India's reforms, contributing to its economic resurgence.

In just 10 years, We have risen to the pinnacle of achievements and growing furthermore

Airtel – connecting world with each other

  • We are touching millions of lives with our telecom services
  • We are connecting people to the digital
  • Connecting 1000+ corporates around the
  • Connecting citizens of India, USA, UK and Canada with our call home service.