Corporate Governance

We, at Bharti Enterprises Limited (including its group and joint venture companies), firmly stand with the corporate governance principles.


We commit to ensuring that:

  • The growth of the organization is sustainable, capital-efficient, and long-term hence, maximizing shareholder value.
  • The company’s compliance is towards the highest government standard that is backed by an unconstrained and fully informed board, extensive processes, policies, and communication.
  • Several disclosures requirements comply with ‘letter and spirit’ for operative Corporate Governance.
  • We achieve our performance with integrity without going against any ethical business practices as articulated by our code of conduct.

Office of the Ombudsperson

For the safety and concerns of all employees and other stakeholders of the company, the Ombudsperson office has been set up. It provides an independent forum and vigil mechanism under the law to raise concerns and report any breach or violation of the code.

Under the listing agreement and the companies act 2013 and reports, the office reports to the audit committee of the Board and is authorized to investigate complaints suo moto based on information filed with the Ombudsperson Office.

The purpose of the office is to provide a fair and unprejudiced redressal mechanism and to treat all disclosures confidentially and thoughtfully. The process is designed in a way that gives protection to the complainant whilst the disclosure is made in good faith. Besides that, the alleged action should constitute an attested and serious breach of the Bharti code of conduct.

Following are the things that every stakeholder (employee, associate, strategic partner, vendor) of the company should know about:

  • Any stakeholder who observes any unethical behavior and wants to voice their concerns can seek help from the Ombudsperson office.
  • The complainant could be either an observer (not directly impacted) or a victim (directly or indirectly affected by such practices).
  • The complainant can raise a concern; either verbally or in writing by providing:
  1. Background of the unprofessional conduct
  2. Reason for raising the concern
  3. Identity of the individuals who are involved
  4. Documentary evidence, wherever available

Complaints may be sent in either of these forms:

1) In writing (through hard copy mail) to:

The Ombudsperson
Bharti Enterprises Ltd.
Bharti Crescent
1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, Phase II
New Delhi – 110 070, India

2) In writing (through email) to a secure :

Email id: