Anchored deeply into its business strategy, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are fundamentals to Airtel's business commitments and initiatives. For Airtel, sustainability is about a responsible business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value by taking into consideration every dimension of how business operates in the social, cultural and economic environment. Airtel strongly believes that its approach will help create a long-term shared value for its customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the community.


While broadening its sustainability efforts, in year 2011, Airtel responded to the challenge through finalizing its “Blueprint for Social Inclusion”. The Blueprint, through its vision and action pillars, ensured that ‘million more are included and empowered through sustainable social and economic development’.


Through its sincere endeavors over the years, Airtel has made rapid progress in all three dimensions of sustainability. Hence, the Company decided to scale up its efforts and drive its sustainability agenda to create a striking balance between business priorities and its sustainability approach towards environmental protection and socio-economic well-being for all. In 2018, Airtel launched its Sustainability Targets, which is the framework for its sustainable business. The Company’s strategy maintains its emphasis on customers, community, partners, planet and people, with focused and measurable goals that align with the Company’s business objectives. Airtel aims to actualize its sustainability vision of social inclusion of people everywhere and contributing to a sustainable future, while decoupling the growth with environment fallout and increasing the social impact.

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