CEO’s Message

At Airtel, we drive our business with a deeper sense of purpose to build social equity by adopting inclusive and sustainable solutions. Our core business of delivering telecom services itself enhances the lives of millions of customers. In addition, our sustainable business practices not only help to improve the lives of individuals and families across Airtel, it also helps strengthen the connections between our brand and more than 280 million customers we serve every day. Our sustainability Initiatives are structured around 4 key pillars.


Enhancing Customer Experience


We are committed to provide world-class experience and with transparency to our customers. Under one such bold initiative - 'Open Network', we made our entire network visible to our customers through digital channels such as website and myAirtel App. Through this, we were able to crowd-source mobile network black spots from our customers. Based on these feedbacks till date 9,000+ sites have been upgraded and 30.000+ sites optimized. To provide a future ready network, we had initiated a network transformation initiative called 'Project Leap' in 2016 with an investment of INR 60,000 Cr. over 3 years. Under Project Leap, we have deployed 180,000+ mobile sites in last 2 years. This is the same as the number of mobile sites deployed in last 20 years, making it one of the largest network roll outs globally.


Sustainable Community Development


Last year, Airtel became the first company to formally launch payments bank in India. This reinforces our commitment to the Government's vision of financial inclusion and banking services for every citizen. We leveraged our strong distribution backbone to create 280,000 banking points and 1,000+ cashless villages across India. We make great effort to drive digital literacy in the Country. E-Shakti, our digital literacy initiative, in association with various state governments, successfully spread awareness about Internet to over 700,000 women in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. In addition, we have implemented a significant number of initiatives in the fields of disaster relief management, environment protection and other social causes.


Protecting Our Planet


Our vision is to reduce our carbon footprint by up to 70 percent in the next 3 years. We will do this by deploying lower power consuming base stations, promoting green sites, driving active site sharing, converting indoor sites to outdoor etc. Overall - 50,000 sites have been moved from Indoor to Outdoor, with 15,000 in Just last one year. Overall 70% of our installed network base has no air conditioning, which reduces our dependency on diesel fuel. Airtel maintains strict adherence to Indian Emission Norms along with its own safeguards to ensure emissions from its network sites are safe.


Empowering Our People


"Win with People" is one of the key business pillar for us. This strategy focuses at deeply embedding a high performance culture, building capabilities and developing cross functional expertise while promoting inclusivity and diversity. The aim is to grow talent through strong learning, mentoring and Succession planning. To imbibe this culture in the organization, we have started conducting Career Fairs on 'Own Your Development' theme. At Airtel, we are strongly committed to conducting our business with a deeper sense of purpose and responsibility. Through our sixth sustainability report, I bring forward the initiatives that firmly put sustainability at the core of our heart and make our corporate citizenship more meaningful.