5G Internet Access – Scalable & Dedicated Enterprise Connectivity Solution

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5G Internet Access

With evolving technology, data communication has become the soul of every business. There are multiple solutions to the problem of data communication, but 5G is the new kid in the park, which offers more robust, scalable, and dedicated solutions for enterprises.

This post will discuss 5G internet access and how enterprises can utilize it to solve a wide array of problems.

What is 5G?

Traditional connectivity solutions like 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks work best with human connectivity requirements, but when it comes to data communication between devices, traditional solutions fail.

5G dedicated internet is a new kind of network that can connect with everyone, including machines, objects, and devices. This also opens up a wide range of applications for 5G.

Moreover, 5G offers ultra-low latency, low power, and network slicing features.

5G: The Missing Link in the Connectivity Solution

5G is the first mobile technology that is at par with fiber optical technology that offers comparable or sometimes even better speed, capacity, and latency. With fiber as its backbone, 5G forms the last-mile bridge between mobile devices and applications.

Most organizations and businesses require fast speed to offer the best user experience. With time, user expectations are constantly increasing. The common solutions to internet access are microwave, fiber, and VSAT.

Fiber lines are challenging to deploy due to the associated labor and maintenance costs. They are also susceptible to being cut. Additionally, covering a whole city with fiber lines can take years due to the complications with the local governments. So, what can be done?

Wireless Model: We can have a fixed wireless delivery model in areas without fiber coverage. However, they may be prone to reliability and availability issues. Moreover, fixed wireless can be impacted by harsh weather conditions like sand storms or seasonal rains.

VSAT Model: VSAT is another substitute for fiber lines and is used in remote and complex terrains like mountains, deserts, and the middle of the sea. But satellite internet can again be highly affected by weather conditions. During rains and sand storms, the network might get weakened or reduced. Additionally, VSAT is very expensive and comes with limited bandwidth.

Telecom operators can benefit from their existing towers by replacing wireless antennas and deploying dedicated 5G Internet access. This way, they can guarantee a higher speed and lower scalability latency.

5G Network Slicing

The network slicing feature of the 5G network is a revolutionary innovation. This is a significant differentiation from its predecessors, which were basically one-size-fits-all networks. With 5G network slicing, network providers can dedicate bandwidth for different pieces of equipment.

Suppose your machine-to-machine communications require greater upload and download speed than your IoT devices. You can quickly scale up or down according to your requirements. This is only possible with 5G skiing, which can distinguish the devices on the other end. This also solves the issue of scalability associated with dedicated internet connections.

Enterprise Use Cases for Dedicated 5G Internet Access

Oil and Gas Industry

The requirements for operating the O&G industry are higher than those for other industries. This industry uses a wide variety of networks for its data communication. Offshore operations are dependent on VSATs, whereas onshore communication is dependent on fiber and 4G.

With the emergence of Industry 4.0 standards, real-time CCTV and Robotic Process Automation are common. They require a reliable and fast internet connection to work efficiently. So, 5G leased lines can be the best solution to modernize the O&G industry.

Banking and Financial Services

It is no surprise that the banking industry and trading platforms are places where a large volume of transactions occurs. This calls for a dedicated, secure, and fast internet connection.

Moreover, banks require ultra-low latency for efficient activities.

ATMs are connected via fiber network or VSAT, and as we have learned above, there are multiple issues with them. So, the banking sector can get a leased 5G line, which will deliver reliable, fast, and ultra-low latency for efficient banking services and a top-notch customer experience.


Hospitals and medical institutions generate large amounts of data, and doctors need to access this data on demand. So, accessing this data from the cloud or data centers needs a fast and secure connection — and traditional connectivity solutions like fiber lack this aspect.

Moreover, with the rapid development of technology, machine learning (ML) is quickly gaining massive adoption, and doctors use this to analyze patterns that are largely unseen by the human eye.

So, dedicated 5G internet offers the best solution for fast accessibility of large amounts of data. Moreover, hospitals connected with 5G leased lines can easily use robotics to perform long-distance operations by renowned surgeons. 5G also allows medical equipment to interact with each other, thus providing a better diagnosis.


We can streamline production using 5G, AI, and IoT. Factory floors with a dedicated 5G leased line can control machinery and analyze industrial processes with high precision.

Moreover, dedicated 5G internet and sensor technology can help streamline the process while maintaining quality assurance processes.


Keeping track of inventory in the logistics sector is expensive and slow. With dedicated 5G internet, vehicles can communicate with each other. This also makes fleet monitoring easier. Driver navigation and augmented reality can be enhanced with 5G internet, identifying potential hazards, thus saving time and cost associated with this industry.


At present, 5G internet solutions are still in the testing phase, with some cities having already seen small-scale deployment. But 5G leased line and dedicated internet access can provide a connectivity solution to both dedicated and scalable enterprises.

With its use cases, 5G provides a lot more potential for using the internet in enterprises and does a lot more than provide a faster phone connection. It is a life-changing technology, and the future will see massive adoption of 5G internet connections.

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