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Ensure high-performance, anytime, anywhere connectivity

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Ensure business continuity with connectivity unbound by location

With enterprises of all sizes moving across continents, seamless data transmission even in the remotest of locations has become the baseline requirement in the business sphere. Uninterrupted connectivity is imperative for you to meet customer expectations. And, for that, you need an integrated communication network that offers fast, secure and constant connectivity and supports latest technologies and applications regardless of your business location.


Accelerate your growth with robust and secure satellite connectivity

Introducing Airtel Global Satellite Solutions – a reliable and secure communication network that offers seamless global connectivity across the remotest of locations. With a global coverage of 20+ satellites and 15 teleports, augmented with a robust fibre network, we can link your remote business sites through multiple media, providing seamless, anywhere-anytime connectivity.




Satellite IPLC • Satellite Internet • Cellular Backhaul • Enterprise Networks • Off-Shore Connect • Maritime Services

Media Services

Media Distribution • Media Integration • Media Management

Global Transformation Solutions

Network Integration Service • Network Operation Service • Network Consultancy Service

Get the Airtel Global Satellite advantage for your business

Connectivity Reach

Take advantage of new markets and growth opportunities with our extensive satellite connectivity reach across Africa, the Middle East, SAARC, APAC, Europe and the US regions

Greater Flexibility

Get the flexibility of customized commercials, network design and installation, as per your business needs

Route Diversity

One-stop partner to route traffic on both terrestrial and satellite connectivity, ensuring high-quality routes and cost optimization

Proven Expertise

Get access to a partner that has expertise in implementing 200+ turnkey SITC projects and delivering 7 GBPS satellite capacity

Enterprise-grade Support

Experience higher uptime and service availability backed by our experienced global team and 24x7 support

Features & Benefits

Increased Reliability

Get access to secure and always-available satellite services for all your data, voice and video requirements

Extensive Coverage

Ensure seamless business continuity with end-to-end connectivity services across remotest of locations

High Availability

Get constant access to your devices and applications with reliable satellite services providing 99.9% uptime

Cost Optimization

Minimize your operational cost and increase ROI with satellite connectivity that is easy to deploy and maintain

Quick Deployment

Expand your operations across locations with quick and easy connectivity setup on any terrain

Enhance business reach across all corners of the globe..

Questions on Global Satellite Solutions?

How does a satellite connection compare to terrestrial links?

Satellites are ideal for areas hampered by inhospitable geography or where the terrestrial infrastructure is poor. In many parts of the world, they can provide the only truly reliable means of access to the Internet. Even in developed areas, satellites are often an attractive alternative because they are distance insensitive.

How does VSAT operate and what does this network support?

VSAT satellite technology operates in different frequencies, shapes and sizes. Normally, the operating frequencies are C-band and Ku-band and work with Star Network (Private Hub) and Point-to-Point (Customized Private Hub), capable of supporting a large number of places and Mesh Systems, which are regularly smaller than star systems (between 5 and 30 sites generally). Thanks to this operating environment, this type of antenna offers satellite services capable of supporting powerful public and private networks for internet, LAN and IP-based voice, video and data communications.

Why choose VSAT satellite technology and Airtel as a provider?

When terrestrial communication infrastructure is damaged, destroyed or overloaded, VSAT is used to provide connectivity services in disconnected regions across plains, mountains, forests and seas. That is why the experience and capability of the service provider are crucial factors when selecting a VSAT satellite solution. Airtel has more than 18 years of experience, rich interconnection with international operators and more than 80, 000 thousand VSAT and SCPC (Single Carrier per Carrier) stations, making it a preferred solution provider.